Got my

bottle in the mail yesterday and had my first opportunity to wear it in public today. I put two early sprays on my

chest - not full force but small and tentative squirts. I added another small squirt to one forearm and rubbed it

against the other forearm.

When out for coffee about 2 pm. At the coffee shop in our trendy little downtown

area I got my coffee and stood at the condiments counter to mix in some sugar. I walked up behind and to the side

of a 20-something female in tight jeans but deliberately stood a couple of paces to her side to give her her space

then returned to my table. As I left and sat down, she turned and stared at me for an inordinate amount of time and

I stared back. We were maybe ten feet apart. She was definitely checking me out.

When I left, I walked up

the street and a very cute young blonde said hi and tried to start a conversation with me on the street.


just an hour of public exposure I got two solid hits from females with absolutely no initiative on my


I'd say the Chikara has surprising power. Eight hours later I can still detect the scent on my

forearm. The top notes are gone and the pheromones are aging but it still smells good. I'll be pulling an

all-nighter tonight so we'll see how it reeks tomorrow.