I just bought the Unscented-SOE a week ago, but I've noticed absolutely NO results from

it. I've worn it faithfully for several days. The last 2 days, I added PCC with it as well, but did not notice

anything significant. I'm looking for good reactions from BOTH the male and female populations. I want the FEMALE

population at my work to like me and remain friendly and I also want the MALE population to be attracted

(appropriately, of course). But I can't say I've seen ANY reactions from either group all week. I actually had

more noticeable reactions from the SCENTED SOE gel-packs than I've had from this bottle of Unscented.


thoughts or ideas?

I took a Phero-Break over the weekend and plan to try something new this coming week. I

want to use an empty roller-bottle and make a mixture of Unscented-SOE, PCC, and some other additive like PI/w or

NPA. Any ideas or suggestions?

(I can't use any noticeable "fragrances" at my work, so that's why I

usually stick to the products I just listed. Just looking for the best, most-balanced, over-all GOOD mixture to get

positive results from BOTH genders.)