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    Quote Originally Posted by koolking1

    We're loaded up with chocolate here - will you be our "type"?


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    I'm so happy to hear

    about the new baby...wish you the best. About the Earth-Mother types associated with wild and crazy periods - what

    do you think is the main attraction for a shy man?

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    I don't know about attracting a

    certain type of person, as I have "hooked up" with a myriad of different shapes, sizes, personalities, etc., that

    have initiated the contact. However, I know that I am attracted to a certain type of person, and I've blown off a

    number of high quality women after a few dates/few months because there just wasn't anything there for me from an

    attraction standpoint. It wasn't that they were gross - many were very attractive, but they just didn't fit my

    ideal. Hell, the girl I'm seeing now is downright hot and sexy, screws like a pornstar, has great musical tastes,

    and is capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation, and she was the one who initially asked me out, but there

    ain't nothing there for me because she doesn't fit my ideals in terms physical attraction and there is a lack of

    synergy with regard to personality. (I feel a little bad now as I've continued this relationship to the point

    where she has told me she loves me - hell, she let that slip after one week (one negative side effect of the

    pheromones, or at least I'm blaming the pheromones for that one) - and wants to be exclusive, and blah, blah,


    Now listening to: Goldfrapp's "Black Cherry"

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    I've never really

    understood the obsession with looks or size anyway... I'm not blind and I can recognize a full-bombshell when I see

    one, but I've always enjoyed women that don't look like they will break! I good full-sized hourglass figure....

    but looks matter for about all of 15 minutes.
    I have met drop dead gorgeous women that I have been 100% turned off

    by the moment they opened their mouths, and I've met downright fat women who start joking around and even flirting

    and manage to pique my attention simple because of the sporting good nature and great attitude....

    They only

    downside I've found with enjoying and attracting good sturdy women is that it seems the have become a pattern that

    larger but very sexy and shapely women I've become involved with seem to have a tendancy to put weight on and lose

    the full figured curves ( unless we consider just round a curve) as they become comfortable in a relationship!

    I've had this experience with my ex-wife and now my girlfriend... I could never say anything about the extra

    weight for fear of hurting them, but it doesn't go unnoticed... and both women treated me very well and the looks

    really didn't matter, I was in love with the person.... but I always remembered how good they looked when we first

    started spending time together and wishing I could encourage them back to that....

    For more than just my

    personal enjoyment... the other trend I realized was that as the additional weight went on, their self-esteem,

    sexual confidence and interest began to ebb. I try to be very reaffirming and positive and complimentary, but I

    found that no matter how attracted I still was, they simple started not liking themselves and lost interest in being


    Maybe I'm just a poison pill for the large frame woman.... or maybe this is just the way things go

    .... I don't know.

    But the whole reason I started this reply was to say that larger women... who are

    proportionally shaped with all the curves in the right place... are HOT HOT HOT.... leave the tiny little things to

    guys who are small or gentle.... I like knowing I have a partner that is .... robust... ;-)

    Anyway, that my

    more than two cents worth... haven't been on the site for a while or posted in ages....

    currently working with

    PI - not much result.... order Chakara and just waiting for it to arrive...

    Best of luck and happy hunting to

    you all!

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    Very interesting

    read. Now that I am in my 50s with two kids (one more on the way), I am very glad to have a wife who is careful

    about her shape, but when I was young I had a couple of girlfriends who looked fantastic with some extra wt. Moral

    of the story is excess wt. can/does become a problem health and lookswise more and more as time goes by. Nowadays

    when I go to gatherings where fellow parents meet, there are VERY few women around who I could even imagine sleeping

    with. Very nice people too, but virtually all very overweight and it just does not look good at all. I see fit 60

    yo women working out at my gym who attract me more than your average 35 yo mother around here. In Japan, I taught K

    thru elementery school kids and their parents all looked great and I mean GREAT!

    So, anyway; word to the wise

    to you young guys: the family who trains together stays together.


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    As an avid girl watcher most of

    my life, I have definate tastes in women. The funny thing is that I've never been in a relationship with a woman

    that fits into that mold. Looks are one thing, personality is another. When you get right down to it, I would much

    rather be with people who are fun and enjoy themselves. My SO misses my 'perfect' description in almost every

    catagory but she is wonderful to be with and that is what matters to me. That's not to say she isn't attractive,

    but that's by my own definition too. Other people's opinions of the women I keep company with have never mattered

    much to me.

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