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    Default The one biggest benefit I´ve gotten from Pheros

    I´ll give it to ya straight. I am the worst when it comes to trying to pick up women, and even though I

    do notice women actually eyeballing me since I´ve been using pheros I still can´t seem to get up the guts to try to

    talk to them. Or, if I do, I always seem to say the wrong thing and screw the whole thing up. But, even though the

    pheros haven´t helped me out there,(my fault, not the pheros) I will tell ya how they did help me. I am a big online

    dating guru, you name the dating site, and I probably have a profile there. Anyway, I seem to have alot more success

    scoring dates online then in reality, (thank god for the internet, guess I just don´t freeze up as I always seem to

    in a real life situation). The one thing that is apparent while wearing pheros on an actual date (AE 3 dabs neck or

    Pheromax 1 spray distributed over neck and hair) is that my success ratio (of already setup dates through the

    internet) has been 100% since using pheros. Unlike before the pheros where I only scored with half the women I

    actually went on a date with, and thats if I was lucky! I have had to change only one thing on the actual date

    itself, and that is to ask the women that I am dating to tell me more about themselves, thereby, letting the mones

    kick in and lessining the chance of me saying something stupid before the pheros have a chance to put the lock down

    on her ;-). I have yet to have a rejection while on an \"actual date\" through an online dating service since

    using Pheros, I kid you not! Now ofcourse ya can chalk that up to luck or dismiss it as coincedence if ya want to

    but I have seen the changes in womens behavior since using mones on these dates, and to me it is certain that it`s

    the mones that have given me the edge. I just had to find a way to make the mones work for me since I still failed

    miserably to score a date (even with pheros) in any other way then the internet. I found an edge (with pheros),

    exploited it, and profited from it, and I´m not talking about money. I found a way to make the pheros work for me.

    But it´s not like women are falling into my lap, far from it. There is still alot of hardwork involved, finding, and

    setting up dates just to be able to get my foot in the door. It´s not just a, throw the pheros on and watch the

    women flock to ya kinda thing. I wish it were, but i´m sure if I can find a way to use these mones to score then I

    know any of you can (and have!). Just gotta apply yourself, like all the Phero gurus have been trying to tell us



    P.S. been using pheros for 4 solid months now and been on atleast 6 successful dates setup

    through the internet.

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    Default Re: The one biggest benefit I´ve gotten from Pheros

    Before I met my girlfriend Sue, I dated for a while and it sucked until I turned to the

    internet, were I dating now, it would only be via the internet and I wouldn\'t even suggest going out with a woman

    unless I had spoken with her online for a decent bit first. It just gets all the bullcrap out of the way and it

    saves a lot of money to boot. Just make sure to see a pic first!!!

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    Default Re: The one biggest benefit I´ve gotten from Pheros

    If I were a little younger I\'d be doing the online thing. At my age the problem is women that

    haven\'t taken real good care of themselves over the years seem to dominate the sites. I don\'t mind a little

    ware and tare but 30 to 50 lbs. overweight is not my idea of HOT.

    I agree with Koolking 100% . Getting to

    know somebody online first is great. Social constraints and barriers get broken down in a hurry online.

    Communication just seems to be easier and more real. Online women seem to be more sexual too. Over the past two

    years I\'ve met at least six Super Sexual, got to have it three times a day, women. Unfortunately they all live in

    Florida or Australia. It\'s getting to the point where I\'m ready to cash in some of my Frequent Flyer Miles. I

    met a couple of Aussie girls in their twenties a few months back that wanted to Tag-Team me. After a couple weeks of

    e-mails and chat you can get real fond of somebody and the thought of flying down to Perth for some \"Mercy sex\"

    [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img], as one of my Aussie friends put it, doesn\'t seem crazy at


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    Default Re: The one biggest benefit I´ve gotten from Phero

    I\'m a big telephone-dating player, it worked out great, I got some nice action and is currently

    dating a German girl I met on the phones. The online thing can work as well because I find bars are getting

    tiresome. Too much BS and pretension In my opinion.
    Yahoo was a blast when it was free, chick were IMing me like


    No stone unturned for old DC, I\'m using every means to fulfill my lustful desires (with common sense of



    Two birds in the bush is worth one in the tush - Marie Antoinette

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    havent used pheros yet but I

    am reading the information at love scent.
    when in high school and college I had almost equal success online and

    off meeting women. but after college and after my divorce the more sexually open women seem to be online.


    local ones I meet offline seem to want you to like buy them a mint to 'show' you like them. the most common line

    I hear is 'if you liked a girl you would not mind spending that.' on some female I just met, no way.

    plus I

    am a black guy who likes pretty much all etnicities of women. locally thats almost impossible to find. and the

    black women pretty much look askance at any of us who find other ladies attractive.

    however I had a one asian

    and one caucasian lady from canada to fly down and it was bliss for that short time.
    both I met online.

    so I

    totally support online dating.

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    perhaps you could start working

    out at the gym or at home with some weights - that could help.

    That said i use a scatter appraoch find a

    working pheromone combo and just use it all the time - at least with my work that extra advantage in the retail

    space leads to more commissions sales - the pheromones pay for themselves - im using perception at the moment and

    apart from my DD#1 mix and the chem set and perfect 10 for bang for buck this is on par and much cheaper.


    for newbies perception at $40 is a steal and very effective as you probably know it is water based and sticks into

    the top layer of youre skin the thing is you dont have like the alcohol based products 80% gone to evorpration

    within 1 hour. It is slow realise their new technology seems to do the trick.

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