Hey All,

This post is basically for the newer members. I keep reading what is the best or what to try first etc etc.

Well as most of us (those that have used phero products for a while) have been using many different products on and off for a while. There is no real magic to this stuff (pheros). We all have a phero profile as humans. What that exact profile is depends on you as an individual, your age and your physical fitness level etc. What works for one does not always work for another. And remember that when you wear a combo of, or a straight product, women (or men) will not fall right into your lap and want to screw your brains out. But sometimes things do happen. Pheros are your foot in the door to the opposite sex. They will help break through the barriar a bit and peak curiosity of others to you. But you must do some work as well. Smile, talk it up a bit. If you enter a setting as the \"Lone Wolf\" stand there and not smile, do not try to spark up conversations, you will probably just intimidate folks.

So start with a good product. NPA works wonders all by itself. The Edge works great as well as PI, Attraction, or Andro 4.2. Try some of these out. Then when you get the hang of what pheros do for you, then try a combo, like Jambats NPA/APC mix. Some really dig on it. I myself do not really see anything out of the ordinary with the mix. But I had found out what works for me.

So if you are looking for a \"Magic\" mix or combo - Go easy into the night (LOL) or into the Club, bar, strip club, whatever. There is no magic at all to this. Try a good stand alone product and experiment with your applications. See if you are getting any favorable responses. Then go from there. I still lay with combos. As right now I am wearing a combo of SandalWood Edge, and a dob to each neck area of NPA. I get really good communications from fems in the building, smiles all over the place etc. When I go out I use Edge (unscented or Sandalwood) mixed with cologne at approx. 50/50 and a dash (2-3 drops) of Super Primal Musk Oil. This seems to work very well. Chatty chicks and huggy feely\'s from gals all night long. But you must help it out with smiles and conversations. The pheros will not do all the work for ya.

Anyway just a bit of info.