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  1. Guys, I need to know what mones work on Asian Males?

    I have been asking the same question for a while with little results. Perhaps I need to leave the Women's Section and walk on over to the Other Side for the Dirty Dog answer!

    Asian Males on...
  2. Cougar in the prowl. What should I use on these young men circling my den?

    Why is it that as I get older that more younger men are pacing around the outside of my den trying to get my attention?:box:

    Their noise is getting louder by the day and I am getting tempted to...
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    What works for Bi-Racial Asian males?

    I have a nice little stash of Love-scent products, but I have read here that they do not always work on Asians. I have an interest in attracting a bi-racial Asian male that wears a ton of his own...
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    If you find the secret to getting your groove back tell me!

    Dear Lucky,

    I am relating to your thread like crazy. I have been off the

    pill for years and that has helped maintain my sexual interest. However I recently feel like I am in a rut. Herbs
  5. I am 44 and feeling like I lost my Mojo. What mones would you suggest?

    Greetings Lovely People,

    I am one of the veteran mones wearers on the

    forum and am seeking your advice. Lately I have felt like I have lost my mojo. I use my mones that I have bought
  6. Stop scrubbing away your Mojo!

    Dear Clean as a Whistle,

    Sometimes it is better to just be as clean as a baby's bottom. You must have heard

    this old wives tale, "As long as the bum is smelling sweet, don't boil the whole...
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    Getting off the pill was the best step!

    I am happy to read what people are reporting about oral contraceptives and the lack of sexual interest.

    I am in my 40's and have been off the pill for years. I have a fine libido. I have no mood...
  8. Can we refrain from using the "D" word here?

    This friend from "Down Under" is getting down under and we should be happy for him. \o/

    So watch the language before you make some of us regulars jump ship. Live and let live I always say....
  9. When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.

    I like what you reported. And no, you do not have to give exact drops and body parts for

    this to be a good post. This is not a scientific website.

    You are aware of your environment....
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    I am a woman that is 40ish and what I like to smell is......

    I smell active men. Men that do more than push a pencil. They send off their own

    mones that make me crazy. It is not stinky, it is sexy.

    So get out and make some real sweat and then stand...
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    I have been wearing Liquid Trust lately.

    Good God it makes men chatty. :rant:

    They want to tell me anything and everything. It is like

    wearing a truth telling potion. If there was anything I was wondering about a man, I just have...
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    I adore Asian males. Do they detect mones worn on a non-asian woman?

    I always fall for Asian males. All kinds too. I like the tall Korean men

    with their high cheek bones. I like the dark golden skintone of the Chinese males. I love the facial symetry of
  13. I put on my mones and the Alpha Dogs jumped on it.

    I was sent to training for a week and decided to do an experiment with mones. I did "Plain Jane"

    style which means, no make-up, no jewelry, no fancy hairstyles, no outfits. Just my personality,...
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    The morality of using Mones. Rubbish


    mones is the equivalent of wearing a Rolex watch or flashing the key to a fancy car. Women can sift through the

    bullshit and see the real person. Good or bad. Sexy or nerdy.

    It is...
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    Get back to the topic people. Offer some help.

    I say you should go about your business and let him wonder why you are not lamenting. :think:

    Everyday you should dress as though you care about your appearance. Spend time enjoying your...
  16. Thread: Ipso facto

    by sweet thing

    It is the reason folks smell each other. Mojo!

    Most Americans cannot stand to smell another person. We think it filthy to catch a scent of a

    person's natural odor. We spend tons of money on things to wash away and cover our Mojo. Sometimes...
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    You are the best thing on this site!

    Dear Scarlet Tango,

    You rock. I love how you are telling it like it T-I-iS.

    You are shot in

    the arm for this site. Men, young and old, are awaiting your next post. :type:

    Keep them...
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    I know this is going to sound like a strange...

    I know this is going to

    sound like a strange plan, but here it goes. Ask a male friend, that your wife has not met, to run across you two in

    a bar or night club. Have him pick a fight with...
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    This is the funniest thing I have read on...

    This is the funniest thing I

    have read on this site.

    Great humor!
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    This is true!

    I say it is

    true true true.

    Sometimes I dress like a nun and it suits me just fine.

    Sometimes I am compelled to dress

    like God knows what on a Saturday night. Red light.
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    I like men to smell like men....not fancy

    Some men smell like they have been active. Whether it is building things or riding a horse. I like this

    smell. Rough and ready.

    Some men smell like a department store. This is a big turn...
  22. Oh dang! I am met an Alpha Man! He had his hand on my thang!

    Girls I met a true alpha man the other night. He was short, stocky, handsome, hairy,

    three kids, several ex wives and he had his hands on me by the end of the night. And I let him. Serious mojo! ...
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    What is a DIHL?

    Sweet Thing is not

    in the know on this one.

    Help a girl out of the woods. :think:
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    Sorry, the mone/race question again.

    What mones can a female wear to attrack an asian male?

    I read tons about how mones affect asian

    females, but nothing about what works on asian men.


    Sweet Thing
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    Baby, take a good bath and rest for a week!

    Slow down young stud............

    Take a rest and let your nose return to normal. If you

    put on all those fragrances, you are liable to damage your sense of smell and have no idea that you...
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