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  1. MojoPro does the tango!

    MojoPro does the tango!
  2. You can be wearing MojoPro for men and women via today @20% off!!!

    And the best place to wear MojoPro at is....

    Enjoy the savings,

  3. Love-Scent is testing Perception mixed with Pheromol Factor against Edge Delice

    Love-Scent is testing Perception mixed with Pheromol Factor against Edge Delice Pheromone Fragrance on the streets! This time, it's the wrap-up of our first season's Pheromone Scent Research videos....
  4. EDGE TRUST, have you tried it yet? It's on sale now!

    Have you had a chance to try our newer product, Edge Trust yet? Let us know your results if you have. Thanks!

    We do have a Super Deal on Edge Trust this week! It's unisex! When tested on the...
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    Where to shop and save?

    Happy Mid Week:)

    Where to shop and save? At the best pheromone superstore, of course:

    The Wacky Special is here!! Don't miss to explore the savings on this one!
  6. Wacky Special is here! A Pile of stuff at 50% off!

    Hello Love-Scent shoppers!

    50% off on the Beginner Special today!

    Pile of stuff worth over 60 bucks
    Today only...
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    Free shipping today!

    You will not believe what our Wacky Wednesday Special is!!! Free Shipping Day! No shipping fees!
    Be sure to use coupon code, FreeShipDay, when checking out.

  8. Hi idene, I'm not sure I understand the...

    Hi idene,
    I'm not sure I understand the question/statement. Can I help you with something?
  9. Hi Stranger, Do you have questions about our...

    Hi Stranger,

    Do you have questions about our street research? I'd be happy to talk about that.


  10. Back To School savings are here! Don't forget to include your MojoPro with your order

    All this at


  11. Blue Moon Date Night, Mojo Pro tested on the streets, and free stuff!

    Before I enjoy the Blue Moon tonight, Natasha and I will be heading to Valley River Mall to test our NEW product, Mojo Pro against Edge Delice-our scent winner thus far in our Pheromone Scent...
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    Labor Day Sale is here!

    Labor Day Sale!25% off Everything(Except Combos) Coupon Code "LaborDay25P" Get 'em while they're hot!
  13. Pheromone Scent Research continures-Free samples and t-shirts today!

    Happy TGIF!

    Remember this video with Natasha, our video host? :

    Her, and I will be at the Eugene Celebration tonight, continuing our pheromone scent...
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    Wacky Special and Sign Up to win!

    Happy Wacky mid-week! This week's special is here!

    Enjoy the Back to school savings!

    Sign up to Love-Scent’s newsletter for a chance to win in our NEW, weekly,...
  15. We have a Secret Name Game winner this week. Really, we do! :)

    Hello all,

    Each week, we will post a Facebook Fan winner at the bottom of our weekly newletter. This is NEW! This week, we forgot to put a winning fan name at the bottom (oops, sorry about this!...
  16. What's the Wacky of the week? Take a look here:)

    The Wacky Special of the week is here, folks! Here is a note from our CEO, Bruce:

    Super Deal on Edge Trust today...

    Edge Trust combines that awesome Edge pheromone formula
    with the latest...
  17. Absolutely! Thanks for watching and commenting:) ...

    Absolutely! Thanks for watching and commenting:)


  18. Wacky Special is here! FREE ROLLTOP's -check this out!

    Happy Wacky Wednesday!!

    The special of the week is--

    Free Silver or Gold Rolltop
    With orders over $25.00!

    One stop pheromone store:
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    Wacky Day to save on the LS Sampler!

    It's Wednesday! Happy Wacky Special Wednesday!!

    Great deal on Love-Scent's Ultimate Sampler kit. Enjoy a variety of our pheromone scent samples. Great for beginners. On sale now!

    For women,...
  20. Help write a product review and receive free products:)

    Hello Lovely fans! I hope you all had a great summer weekend!

    NEW Contest! A "write a product review" contest.

    Have you used our product? We want to know what you think of it. How did it...
  21. Free T-shirts, Free samples, Pheromone Parties, and Lollipop Day? Yup:)

    Find us on U of O campus this evening when we hand out FREE t-shirts and samples again:) This time, we will be testing Edge Delice (winner overall so far) against Edge Trust! (FYI: We film about 2...
  22. Thread: Edge Disiel

    by Tanja

    Edge Disiel

    Happy Wacky Wednesday!

    This is a deal! Edge Diesel for Men is on sale!!! Save $20 today!

    Enjoy and have a great day all!

  23. Pheromone scents and parties-watch the NEW video!

    Here is our NEW video!!

    We are interviewing people on the streets about our scents, and pheromone parties:) Check it out! Let us know what you think...
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    FREE scent samples and T-shirts today!!

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    Whitney and I will be at the Gateway Mall from 6:30 to 8:30pm, handing out Free T-shirts and pheromone scent samples:) Come find us and say hi :)


  25. How so? Thanks for watching!

    How so? Thanks for watching!
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