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    second day, i used 3 sprays, nothing, fourth...

    second day, i used 3 sprays,

    nothing, fourth day i used one spray i got some hits but no one walk up to me and now i don't think it works on me

    so i just brought NPA hopefully that works
  2. i tried again today, and it ...

    i tried again today, and it i'm just looking forward to getting it!
  3. I"m Trying To Buy The Sample Pack And Beginnger Pacakage But Its Not Working

    So i'm trying to buy the beginners pacakage for male and the sample

    through paypal but its not working so i thought i would try by deleting my entire cart but now i can't even find

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    My experiences with chikara

    I am 16,

    Asian and i above average looking but not great. i stand 6feet and weight 155. I'm fit to.

    Today i got my

    chikara so i decided to go shopping with my parents just so i get a...
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