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10-09-2001, 02:37 PM
Hi. I am a new user to pheromone products. I discovered this forum and have been lurking around after I had bought a bottle (1 oz) of APC. This is my second day on APC and although I really like the smell, I dont think it brings me any difference in \"hits\" as I got while not wearing anything. I don\'t think I\'m terribly ugly or anything since i\'ve gotten the \"cutie\" compliment from girls plenty of times.

After reading a few posts, I found out that androstenone is better for attracting older women and androstenol is better for the younger ones. I am 17 and I want chicks my own age. (though there is nothing wrong with college girls.) So what are some products with -NOL?

Also, I am a shy dude and I want to be the one approached. Yeah, I know I don\'t have any balls. But once the chick makes the first approach then I usually become less shy. -NOL is supposed to make me more \"approachable,\" right? I\'ve seen many people praising the APC/NPA mix. does npa have -nol in it? is there a way i can still use my APC without having it go to waste?

so in summary, i want something that\'ll get me chicks my own age and have THEM approach ME.

10-09-2001, 04:54 PM

I think you\'re reading too much into the word \"approachable\".The A-Nol provides a mitigating factor against the dominating aspect of A-None.That\'s usually how \"approachable\" is used in reference to A-Nol.Try doing a search at top of page,type in Androstenol and A-Nol.Try the old Phero Talk board too.ALL your questions will be answered,and then some!

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10-09-2001, 09:29 PM
Zombiefied (is that a reference to Rob Zombie?), try APC and AFA. I usually do APC and NPA but AFA has the A-nol in it. It should do the trick for you. I haven\'t tried it but someone reported it did pretty good and Jaggy is testing this mix now.