View Full Version : What's the differences between Old PI and New PI?

06-24-2001, 09:18 AM

I keep hearing that there are some differences between old Primal Instinct and new Primal Instinct. I ordered some Primal Instinct from the actual company itself before I even found out about this web site. And when I received my Primal Instinct I smelt it and it had a pretty nice scent to it, however from what I read on the company\'s web site it said it was suppose to have no scent at all. Then I found this web site and saw that there is some new Primal Instinct out that even has a scent to it. So I believe the company sent me the new Primal Instinct with the scent.

So since I got the new Primal Instinct I want to know the differences between the old and new Primal Instinct. I keep hearing real good things about the old Primal Instinct. So I would like to hear the differences between the old and new Primal Instinct. And also know if the new Primal Instinct is better, just as good, or worse then the old Primal Instinct. So I hope you all can help me out and tell me the differences between old and new Primal Instinct, and which one is better. Thanks!


06-24-2001, 09:19 AM
the only difference between old and new PI is that there has been a scent added to new PI, a ylang-ylang scent, which i really like. some people feel that one version is better than the other, but i think they\'re really the same since they have the same pheromone content and their only difference is the scent. the old PI is good for mixing since it unscented, but the new PI is great because you can wear it alone or especially use it under your arms for the \'armpit trick\' and the ylang-ylang scent will mask any BO. so dont worry about your purchase, it works fine and you should see good results.