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06-22-2001, 11:51 AM
Well friday I should be getting my bottle of APC, and I was all excited, but now from what Im reading im pretty disapointed that Its gonna be about worthless on its own. If anyone could give me any advice that would raise my spirits I would be thankful. Also Id like to know good spots to put it on, if i should use it on cloths, and how long it will last on my skin. Thanks

06-22-2001, 11:52 AM
Hi Shane,
I\'ve been using APC since the summer of \'98 with lots of success. I met my girlfriend while wearing APC as we both stopped off for coffee before work. We talked for less than five minutes and we made a date to go get ice cream that same night.
I\'ve had even more amazing results with APC: such as picking a girl up at the supermarket and getting picked up in a bookstore. Also it\'s the only product (of PF, Andro, PI, Edge, AE ) that seems to work for me when I\'m working out.
Three dabs (one on either side of my neck and one between my wrists) always seems to get me noticed by girls and everybody seems to react favorably when I talk to them.But I\'ve used as much as five dabs without any negative results.
If this is the same formula that I hoarded up on in the summer of 2000, it\'s good stuff.
Give it a try. (Don\'t forget to smile and radiate confidence.) If it doesn\'t work, just get your money back.
Good Luck!


06-22-2001, 11:52 AM
Hi there!
I was posting this earlier in the olf forum.
My girl-friend is vrazy about APC!!!
It not the concentration alone that seems to be effective here, APC has a relatively low concentration BUT she always loved the fragrance!
Sometimes when she was about to sleep and I went to bed some later as well, she did not fall asleep but we ahd a long night ahead of us..)
I do not know why APC is working relatively good ALTHOUGH the Pheromone concentration is not that high, BUT I think, one has to try it once, and one might be ordering a bottle again!
Do not be discouraged at all, APC is a product that had been sold for YEARS as one of the most successfull products out there on the market and I think it DOES have its reasons!!!
Use it on the chest, your neck and behind your ears/ wrists and you WILL get POSITIVE results, I did have good results on my girl-friend with it ALONE..not combining it with anything else!!!
Insofar, use it and you will see, you did not waste your money at all!!!