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06-22-2001, 11:42 AM
Hi everyone. I\'m new to this forum and new to phermones in general. I just recieved my order of the Edge and wanted to see if you could respond and tell me what the best way is to use it. I\'ve tried it twice and have not noticed any results really. I\'ve tried one spray on my chest and one on each side of my shirt... Any suggestions? How about success stories. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks !

06-22-2001, 11:42 AM
I am sorry for ever have doubting your infinite wisdom! I tried The Edge for the first time today, not really to pick up women, just to test it out at dinner time. W-O-W. This is the first pheromone that has really affected me, the user. That really is the perfect name for it. I sprayed it JUST once under my left armpit and wore a muscle tee covered by a short sleaved/opened button down shirt....the to girls I was sitting next to were acting like they were DRUNK. They looked drunk. And the two guys that were eating with me treated me with respect and listened intently to my words. And everyone found me hilarious....dude, I love this stuff! It was like we were all drunk, yet no alcohol.

I\'ve gotten results like this before, but never with ONE spray, and never this *pleasently* intense, and never this overwhelmingly pleasant. --There\'s no after-effects either, no headache, no tiredness, nothin.

I\'m going to use this for my Spanish Oral Exam to open me up to fluency! This would be great for debating too.

The Edge has passed my test and gained my confidence. ..especially for 25 bucks!

Just and all around good experience. I am VERY pleased with this product...now, to mix it with AE!

06-22-2001, 11:43 AM
Hi Thor,
Glad to hear it. I like the stuff myself. It does seem to work on the wearer quite a bit.

To Bad Chad,
You really don\'t need that much as you can see from Thor\'s post. You may be using too much. That can happen very easily, as Edge is very concentrated and has quite a musky aroma, which can put folks off when it is too strong. Also, try using a cologne to go with (mask?) the pheromones.
Good Luck to both of you,