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02-07-2003, 02:04 AM
It was during the Gulf war. An Iraqi general
decides to go to a front-line village and
inspects his troops. When he arrives in the
village, he is very surprised to find a female
donkey in the camp.

\"Geez,\" he says, \"Why is there a female donkey in
this battle field??\"

\"Well,\" the soldiers answer with embarrassement,
\"The Americans are bombing this place since
several weeks, and all the village girls are
gone. So, uh, when we need women, we only have
this donkey to ...\"

\"F*cking hell!\" the general angrily interrupts
the soldiers, \"We are the great Iraqi Army! How
could you do such disgraceful things?! I don\'t
want to see this donkey around anymore!\"

So the soldiers chase the female donkey away.
In order to strengthen the discipline and keep an
eye on his soldiers, the general decides to stay
in the village and commands the operations.

And the war goes on. After a couple of weeks, the
general starts to feel very in need...

\"Well,\" he thinks, \"My soldiers may be right.
Life is tough here without sex! After all, a
female donkey is better than nothing...\". So he
orders his soldiers to find the donkey back. Once
the soldiers bring back the donkey, the general
jumps out of his office, unzips his pants, stands
behind the donkey and starts to f*ck the animal.
When he finishes and feels finally released, he
notices that hundreds of soldiers - amazed and
stunned - are looking at him with big eyes.

\"Come on, guys,\" the general says, \"Don\'t look at
me like that. Isn\'t it the way you all have been
doing before?\"

\"No, sir,\", answer the soldiers, \"Before, we used
to ride this donkey and find women in the next


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