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01-02-2003, 04:29 PM
Hi all,

I haven\'t visited the forum for what, 6 months, and look how different it is now! And we got our own forum!
Anyway, just sharing a bit of my experience here. I asked around a lot before I got my PI/w and PCC, so I feel obligated to tell you how it went for me!

For a long while, I\'ve been using PF/w (Pheromol Factor), getting okay results. Then I heard about this thing called Copulins, and decided to give it a try.
I got PI/w (A-nol and Cops), which cost a lot, but is effective as heck. And then I got PCC, which is way cheaper, and is surprisingly effective too.

What I found out is that PCC is decidedly VERY female. I mean, it definitely attracts MALES, mostly. I haven\'t got a really good result attracting females using this. Oh, did I mention I\'m a 22 y.o. gay girl?
When I use this, I mostly get looks from girls, and that\'s not all that different from the usual anyway. I\'d say that I\'m not shabby looking, and usually dress cool enough to draw second glances.
What I\'m looking for is for other girls to feel comfortable enough around me to make the initial move.
With PCC, I only get even more unwanted hits from males.

Anyway, I tried PI/w, and got really good results from both sexes. I think you really should try this if you\'re looking for hits from everyone, or to get a better workplace atmosphere, etc. It still makes guys hit on you, but then again, guys are always forward like that I suppose.
The unexpected side effect that I experienced using this is that I got flirted on by quite some straight girls too. That\'s just weird. I think the combination of A-nol and Copulins just make you appealing to both sexes.

Anyway, a bit over 3 months after I started using PI/w, I got flirted on by a really beautiful girl, and to cut the story short we\'ve now been together for 6 months. And yes! I still use the PI/w, and STILL got hits each time.

I think it\'s great stuff.


01-03-2003, 02:51 AM
Hi TO,
Glad to \"meet\" you ! I\'m a french gay woman, not bad looking (as far as I can believe people around me) but desperately shy...
You seem to have got nice results from PIw.
I have tried AEw (Alter Ego) and it\'s a nice product : it makes people chattier, smells nice on its own, and makes me feel good too. I had also tried SOE/gel (the guys\'stuff), and it\'s also very nice, for the same reasons as AEw. But never got flirted on...

How much PIw do you use ? and have you noticed any overdosing signs ?

Happy new year

01-03-2003, 04:20 PM
Hey Frenchie!

Glad to know I\'m not alone here! /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif I\'ve never actually tried AE/w, but I\'ve tried SOE. I haven\'t tried enough of it to actually generate any results (I\'ve used it once or twice I think). Maybe I should try it a bit more. I have the gel version.

With PI/w, a lot of people say that it\'s really concentrated and I should use maybe 1 drop at the most, but I found that 3 drops is the best amount for me. Some other user have told me that they\'d ODed with just 1 drop, so I think it\'s really personal.
I *have* ODed before. I think I went overboard and used like 5 drops or something, and I got a light headache, not to mention negative reactions from females.
For some reason they got extremely agitated and negative around me, which was extremely unusual.
The moment I switched back to my regular dose (3 drops), all was fine and dandy.

With Pheromol Factor/w and PCC, I\'ve never ODed. I think it\'s almost impossible to OD on both of those products, as they\'re very light. I used to wear like 8 drops of PF/w.

Happy New Year to you too!

01-03-2003, 05:21 PM
(hetro guy here)

I have been using PI/w with cool scent (it is one of the IR products) and I have been getting very toucy feely hits from the girls at work. And more girls showing some interest. So I think nol is pretty unisex in terms of people it will attract. Hope it helps.

PS-I usually use 3-4 dabs (I removed that dropper thing -- I can\'t stant it -- I waste to much of the stuff with it) with no bad reactions.

01-05-2003, 04:46 PM
Well titanium is in my neck of the woods. PCC gets interesting results from women *hetro guy here* but you know you might be onto something with the Anol and Couplin idea.

Ok here is an idea for gay women Anol chem set 10 drops for every 1 drop of EW. Anyone give this a go let everyone know how it goes.