View Full Version : AEw + PIm , a short story

12-24-2002, 02:23 AM
hi everybody,
here\'s what happened yesterday : I really like AEw, it\'s very nice to get people chattier and have a nice time. Yesterday I had a professional meeting with one (just one) woman whom I had never met before, in a place I\'ve never been before (one of those 45 storey towers - so fascinating but so inhuman). Anyway... I put a new mix on : 3 drops of AEw and 1 drop of PIm (none), about 1.5 hour before.
We talked about the job to be done (it\'s a kind of professional check-up which will last 3 months, this woman is a kind of psychologist, specialized in these check-ups), she was very \"official\", when suddenly...
I don\'t know why, I just said I had a headache, and she suddenly started talking of her own migranes, in a very raw way I must say, ie about how she felt physically, how she felt sick, in many raw details... I couldn\'t stop her !
Then suddenly she stopped and went back to professional talking, in a nicer way than in the beginning.

Pheros have very strange effects sometimes !