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10-09-2002, 04:04 AM
Do we have some members here who are mixing their own perfumes ? I mean not only adding phero to one or two existing colognes but using escential oils, carrier oil or alcohol, musk and everything...

Any input would be appreciated. Escential oils are so expensive that I want to minimise the risk by gathering lots of info before buying all needed components.

I`m personally more interested in oil based perfumes so I made some research and found out that apricot kernel oil would make a perfect base for a perfume. They say it have no smell, it`s very light and can even be used on the face.

Of course I would like to create a phero spiked perfume so I would have to integrate the musky smell of the pheros in the mix.

Does the chem kit provide a neutral base for the pheros ? I mean does it have any smell beside the smell of the pheros ? If not, I guess it would be my best choice for a phero source for this perfume.

Now what escential oils does mix well with the musky phero smell ? (I know there`s some info amongst a thousand threads already but it would be nice to have it all in one \'\'home made perfume\'\' thread).

Last but not least, what about true natural musks ? Is there an online source out there ? (But anyway, maybe it would be useless since I would use phero instead).

Info links so far...

http://www.profumo.it/perfume/oils/animals.htm (www.profumo.it/perfume/oils/animals.htm)

http://www.essential-oil.org/ (www.essential-oil.org/)

edit : oups! I just found out I put it in the women section...well it`s a unisex thread anyway...

10-09-2002, 02:26 PM
Have been researching EOs, FOils, carriers, nebulizers, etc for past few weeks.

Initial observations:
. business of EOs full of well-meaning dilettantes
. quality of EOs fragmented and difficult to (pre-)determine
. if frequency-of-mention counts (VS clear consensus), you\'ll have no problem identifying \"top 6\" EOs represented as having aphrodisiac properties
. #-of-mentions, again: Sweet Almond often regarded as \"best\" Carrier ... Grapeseed 2nd ... Jojoba 3rd. Some/many pre-mixed EO-Massage oils combine only these three.

Worthwhile Book/Sources For:
http://www.addall.com/Browse/Detail/1883010624.html (\"http://www.addall.com/Browse/Detail/1883010624.html\")

10-10-2002, 08:31 AM
DRSMELLTHIS certainly has the biggest knowledge on this matter! Ask him! Perhaps you can ask this on the men\'s board so he will definitely see it.