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09-17-2002, 11:58 PM
hi all,
yesterday I tried 4 drops of PIw and just went out for everyday life (no special dinner nor club).
Wow ! I think that was ODing : I felt kind of drunk, but without the bad effects of alcohol, I could have conquered the whole world in five minutes, and the girl I love would have spent the most wonderful day of her life, me too !
The down side is that I was so high in the sky that I didn\'t notice any special effect on people around me - but I didn\'t stay with them long enough to know.
Hunny Bunny said she was very happy with this dosage - I think it was OD for me.
Any idea ?

09-18-2002, 04:41 AM
Only time will tell. Sometimes you become accustomed to a particular dose that freaked you out as a newbie.

For now I\'d listen to your body.

09-18-2002, 04:45 AM
Frenchie, would you talk more about the feeling of being able to conquer the whole world in five minutes -- do you mean you felt powerful/dominant/aggressive or just very confident/happy? Because I don\'t feel anything from PI/w when I first put it on like I do with PCC, but after about an hour, I think it shifts my mood, and I\'m beginning to suspect it makes me aggressive. I\'ve been wearing four drops, too.

09-18-2002, 06:52 AM
That\'ll be the -nol to -none conversion. You\'re beggining to get the feeling blokes get when they wear -none.

09-18-2002, 07:05 AM
That\'s probably something I could do without! How do I avoid it?

09-18-2002, 08:49 AM
Apply to \"tender\" areas of skin, such as inner arms, behind ears. Basically less hairy spots, though I\'m not in any way suggesting you\'re overly hairy.


09-18-2002, 11:21 PM
hi FTR,
in fact I felt very confident, very happy - tons of confidence !... there was no aggressivity at all : I\'ve already felt some \"aggressivity\" (at least kind of nervous) when I first used pheros, using PIm by mistake. Maybe it\'s because I\'m the shy and absolutely non-violent type, rather quiet in everyday life... maybe it depends on your temper.
I also think it does shift my mood - this effect lasted a good 8 hours (the feeling of being slightly drunk) and then it faded slowly. But there was no depressive after-effect like with alcohol.
Everybody knows the after-effects of alcohol - that\'s why I drink very little, I don\'t like it at all. But with PIw, it was much nicer, I felt it more \"inside myself than with alcohol.

Have a nice day

09-19-2002, 05:05 AM
Hey, Frenchie,

Isn\'t is strange how the all affect us differently? What gives me that kind of pickup is SOE - everything else seems to put my mood in a wrong direction.

Glad it feels good to you.