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06-02-2002, 10:14 AM
I read that none was the only pheromone associated exclusivly with humans, is this true? And that nol is a general attractant all species give off.

\"It turns out that David discovered and later went on to patent pheromones such as androstadienone, currently known to exist only in the sweat glands of humans. I stress humans because most every other pheromone product contains androstenol, which is not exclusive to humans at all. Most mammals use androstenol as a triggering scent for attraction. This may or may not be a big deal. However, you should feel safe knowing that with androstadienone, as an exclusively human pheromone, you should be relatively free of such torments as dogs humping your leg, cats \'spraying\' in your general vicinity, and of course, pigs looking at you in ways... that pigs just shouldn\'t be looking at you. (unless you\'re, uh... into that kind of thing)

Again, androstadienone and others discovered by David Berliner are patented pheromones. Aside from finding them naturally excreted in the sweat of your body (which, if you\'re part of the modern \'civilized\' world, you try as hard as you can to wash away, block the secretion of, and otherwise cover up), you\'ll only find them in products either produced or licensed by Erox. \"

\"The pheromones we put in classic Realm for men and Realm for women have pheromones that put you and your partner at ease, boost your confidence, and enhance romantic possibilities by contributing to your mutual feeling of well-being.\"

So now I\'m confused about none vs nol. They are saying nol is a general attractant and Realm contains the only U.S. patient of none
and this product more then others is a mood enhancer for whomever
smells it more then an attractant in itself.

Yet from reading these boards it seems that people find that nol is a relaxant and opens people up and none is agressive and alpha-male possibly making people irritated, fearful or angry.

\"-none as being associated with adrenaline - stress, fear, anger, etc.\"

I\'m a woman and trying to figure out the best formula or combo. Been thinking about PFw, NPAw and PCC. Now reading about Realm that sounds good too but has confused me. Has anyone had any experience with Inner Realm? Is this the stuff you can buy in the dept. stores?

06-02-2002, 11:10 AM
You\'re getting your pheros confused. They are talking about -dienone for relaxation, where we are talking about -none for agression. They are different. Androstenone is agression phero, Androstadienone is the mood enhancer. See the difference in the words??

06-02-2002, 11:11 AM

First, what is commonly referred to as \"None\" on this board is not Androstadienone as mentioned in the article you excerpted. When you see None or A-None here, what is being referred to is Androstenone.
Androstadienone is commonly referred to as \"dienone\" or \"Andro-1\" or simply \"A1\" on the forum.

Having cleared that up, some of your questions become moot.
Since you didn\'t credit the source of the article you quoted, I\'ll assume that it\'s some Erox Inc. company-line hype designed to make the reader think that Realm and its affiliated products are the only ones with real (synthesized) human pheromones, and everything else will have the wearer indulging in some form of beastiality!
In fact I recall seeing Androstadienone listed as a pheromone in pigs from one source. But even this isn\'t such a big deal.

The compounds that act as pheromones for swine just happen to be components of human secretions as well. It has just always been a major hype point for Erox that Androstadienone is SUPPOSEDLY the only pheromone that actually activates the human Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) according to Erox research. Unfortunately, this study has never been found to be duplicable.

Putting Erox and Realm propaganda into perspective becomes important here. Erox has always claimed in the past that its products are NOT designed as Aphrodisiacs or attractants of the opposite sex, rather they contain components that act to make the WEARER feel more at ease, and thus more confident and attractive. So many males on the forum tried using women\'s Realm because it ostensibly contained Androstadienone which would reportedly have a positive effect on women. The men\'s Realm on the other hand supposedly contained Estratetraenol, a compound that allegedly made males feel good.
Confused? There\'s no reason NOT to be!
I think the Realm people must have been confused when they came up with this approach.

As far as we know, both human and swine, males and females ALL produce the pheros we use in varying proportions. Maybe other species too.

Androstadienone has become available for experimentation within the past few months. It is sold without fragrance and thus is not in violation of Erox/Pherin patents. Pherin, the more pharmaceutically inclined branch of the company has in fact been rumored to be working on an Androstadienone based phero-pharmaceutical that can mitigate the effects of PMS and even depression in women.

It took the members of this forum about a week to find out what these guys will be publishing four or five years from now. The stuff works!
Assuming the link is still active, you can find it here:
http://love-scent.com/kits/extra/order.html (\"http://love-scent.com/kits/extra/order.html\")
And plenty of info is available about A1 on the Archives 1 board. Just do a search on that board for Androstadienone.

P.S .What was the source of the article you quoted?

Oscar /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-02-2002, 11:52 AM
Wow that\'s expensive! Guess it\'s concentrated though. Yes I did get confused- still am a little! All these long scientific names that sound alike! So if I get Men\'s realm it won\'t have much affect on me but make the males around me more confidant and relaxed? Interesting.
Or the womans will help negativity or PMS? That sounds like it would be good to mix with some strong attractant ones- make me feel confident while attracting others.

So, lets get this straight. For abreviations there are 2 none\'s and 1 nol? Or several types of nols?

Which one is an attractant to males? If A1 lifts the mood of females
and A-none creates an agressive alpha-male pressence and Estratetraenol makes males \"feel good\", don\'t know if it is the same nol as the one talked about most here but that one is supposed to make people chatty and friendly, and copulins raise mens testoterone levels and can make them horny (or woman horny) then what is the best mix of these pheromones for an attractive 25yr old female wanting to appear more attractive to everyone both sexually and in general as a person people gravitate to be around and like?

The A-none doesn\'t make sense for females to me because it creates the alpha-male affect which I don\'t see would benefit a female wearer unless she was competing with a man for something
and she wants to make him feel more intimidated by her.

Yet, even though it is alpha-male women naturally produce this in our sweat. So, just not sure what it does for a woman as far as effect.

Nor do I understand the difference in the male or female products that have the same pheromones in them. Like NPAw or NPAm both
containing high concentration of A-none.

Anyways, my source was this site 22secrets.com but the author is really pushing a lot of \"products\" specifically as his \"secrets\".


06-02-2002, 11:59 AM
Ive held off purchasing a1 although it is being shown to work finances are the big deal but i intend at some point to get some in as it would be an addition to try. That said NPA and SOE gives a wide range response.

I still say NPA has none couplins a1 in it that is what i am thinking the 2 mystery compounds are the responses from the product solo would corresspond to that chemical mix.

06-02-2002, 01:48 PM

Yes, the stuff (A1) is a bit steep in terms of overall cost but if you check the chart you\'ll see that it\'s a relative bargain considering cost per milligram.
http://www.love-scent.com/reference/product-table.html (\"http://www.love-scent.com/reference/product-table.html\")

The study that your article cited is here:
http://www.erox.com/SixthSense/StoryOne.html (\"http://www.erox.com/SixthSense/StoryOne.html\")

DON\'T believe everything you read! This study would lead one to think that Androstadienone and Estratetraenol were the only true human pheromones, and Androstenone and Androstenol were created by Satan for humans who wanted to have sexual relations with swine!

As you can see, Erox goes to great lengths to decry both Androstenone and Androstenol as \"Pig Pheromones\". Funny how they subsequently attempted to patent these nasty buggers for use in human perfume.

I too have always been confused by the use of the primarily male androgens, especially Androstenone, in female phero products. This is why I always recommend Copulin products for female newbies, as I did for you. Nature is capable of dealing with its own ambiguities, I just worry about amplifying them artificially.

The only sources for estratetraenol that I know of would be Realm products and Steraloids.com:
http://www.steraloids.com/ (\"http://www.steraloids.com/\")
(I\'ve most often referred to it as \"estra-whatever\".)
Wait until you see how many similarly named steroidal derivatives there are!

Any reference to \"Nol\" you\'ve ever seen on the board will almost invariably be referring to Androstenol.

I would steer you away from NPA(w) just based on what I heard about its scent, that it smells heavily of Androstenone. But Stone Labs AFA which is advertised as a \"unisex\" product is virtually scentless even though it is a 50/50 mix of A-None and A-Nol. Stone just uses cleaner reagents than other manufacturers.

Oscar /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-02-2002, 04:13 PM
I hate capitalistic bias and bashing! So self serving, they suck!

Well, thanks. I will try the PF and PCC for nol and cops! /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-02-2002, 07:58 PM

Good choices! Let us know how they work out.

Good Luck!
Oscar /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-03-2002, 08:41 AM
If you\'re 25 and female and not on oral contraceptives, then you naturally produce copulins around the time of ovulation. Have you ever noticed guys being more attracted to you around that time of your cycle? It may be difficult to objectively sort out differences in male attention during that time since your own receptivity also changes (technically, \"proceptivity\") - all this according to biological theory. I\'m a guy so can\'t do this reality check on my own! Current theory has some holes in it, based on my own experiences, but theory is surprisingly explanatory overall.

I would be greatly interested in your views.

I\'ve used PCC with older female partners during sex and, subjectively, it has had very positive effects on both of us. I would think that PCC might be the most effective male attractant for a woman to use. We\'ve not had a definitive answer from our female Forum members on this issue, however.

Realm for Women (RfW) and it\'s unscented counterpart, A-1, does indeed improve female moods and mitigates PMS. It\'s downside is that it can slightly depress and irritate a male if he gets too much for too long. Realm for Men (RfM) also improves a guy\'s mood but does not seem to attract females.

06-03-2002, 10:12 AM
I am using big amounts of a1 in the last couple of weeks and I am not noticing any deprivating influence on myself anymore. I am hoping it is possible to get used to a1, just like you get used to a-none.

My a1 testing is concentrating on a small number of female students, that I am seeing about 5-6 hours a week. I only know them for about 4 weeks, and I consequently used big amounts of a1 around them. I am hoping to see any long-term \"bonding\" effects from it.

Franki /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-03-2002, 11:14 AM
Actually, I\'ve never really kept track of my cycle or paid attention to changes so I don\'t really know. Just know that a few days before my cycle my drive increases. But perhaps it also does during ovulation. It would make perfect sense that woman would send out silent signals to males at that time to subconciously let them know we are fertile and it\'s a good time to mate. I don\'t know if it is really copulins that we send off during that time or another pheromone. Where is it that you read this? I thought that copulins are released during sex- but I guess if we are turned on at that time they are released that way.
Probably also has to do with how healthy and fertile you are- survival of the fittest. It\'d be an interesting study to see if woman do this if it is possible to study this and compare different woman, ages, races, diets and weather they are infertile and see what happens. A lot more studies need to be made.

I also heard - don\'t know if it was from here or elsewhere that during that time woman have the most thoughts and sexual fantasies of men OTHER then there main partner and men consequently pick up on this (chemically perhaps) and are more protective and terirtorial at that time.

Funny you should mention it though because a week ago I had an experience of very unusual natural \"hits\". Of course being a woman
I already get more hits then men do on my own but this was unusual.
I went to the bookstore I always go to and I\'ve never been hit on there before- everyone just leaves me alone. Started looking at magazines in the womans section and immediately a guy comes up and starts picking up womans magazines next to me and starts talking to me trying to be funny. I was friendly back for like 5 min. then walked to another section- the mens before he could start getting too personal. And as soon as I got there another guy there starts trying to talk to me complementing me and asking all sorts of questions and I didn\'t notice but the other one had followed me and starting cutting into our conversation. Both were complementing me at the same time and fighting for my attention and getting very personal. It felt very strange- like I was the center of attention. Then the australian one invited me for coffee and I declined then the other one followed me around more. Maybe typical for some woman but very unusual for me especially cause I give off a very standofish vibe most the time and people leave me alone. I couldn\'t figure out what it was. If it was my energy and gracefulness I felt that night or something else. I only consumed a quart of grapefruit juice that day
and nothing else so I felt very naurally energized and calm with effortless posture. One of them kept asking if I do yoga- I don\'t.
Or maybe it had to do with my cycle- was close to around that time.
I also forgot to put on deoderant that day. Or it could of just been a coinsedence. I think also as a woman and as social animals we give off all kinds of signals to each other not just pheromones so it is hard to tell exactly what people are responding to. From our mood and vibe and how we feel about ourselves, to our clothing we wear,
make-up, facial expressions and gestures, vocal tone and words,
eye contact to even our silent thoughts- all these energies and our health. It is a combination of things I think and when I feel good and
look at guys more I get more hits.

But I just ordered the PCC so will report any unusual changes in mens behavior. Maybe it will be like giving off the signal (falsly) that I am fertile 30days a month! hehe /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-03-2002, 11:53 AM
Sounds pretty well much normal the opposite occours for us blokes we get followed around but we dont get talked to we just sent a massive amount of non-verbal signals which when ive got 10 women doing it at once its like thats it im switching off to this and ignoring it or simply get up and move. Ive had enough of making the moves all the time, currently im taking 1 month as an experiment to see if anyone makes a move.
I know it wont happen but it makes interesting reading and for those types that expect women to make the move well it will prove it doesnt happen at all.

06-03-2002, 12:05 PM
There is some scientific controversy about how \"public\" a woman\'s ovulation is. The main school has taught that ovulation is hidden both from others and from the woman. There would be advantages to the woman in her control over a partner if he couldn\'t know when she was fertile and when she wasn\'t. Few women seem conscious of it but can recollect different sexual fantasies and energies over the month. The first definitive work on pheromones noted that women living in close proximity had synchronous cycles and copulins are usually implicated.

Some recent work suggests that ovulation IS signalled. That would offer the advantage of attracting more males. However, most women can find somebody to donate sperm just about any time since it costs a man so little. You noted that you have to have a somewhat off-putting public demeanor - most women are like that to various degrees - just being more interested in sex during ovulation will result in more attention from men - we know what you\'re thinking by how you act!

I\'m not so sure which side to believe. I do note that sex with an ovulating woman is hotter. She acts, smells and tastes better when intimate but I can\'t be sure if I would know from public smell if ovulating or not.

No shower and a grapefruit juice diet could well change your signature into a more attractive one or at least a more powerful one. Higher energy and better poise is an attractive sign of good health and there\'s nothing more fundamentally sexy than good health.

A great book on the general subject is \"Sperm Wars.\" Highly recommended for putting pheromones into a biological framework although some would quibble with some of the details in the book. The book would tell you that, as a woman, you want two things - the best possible genes for your offspring AND support during the raising of those offspring. Competition amongst females for a man who is optimum in both areas will be intense. Hence some females will compromise in one area at the expense of the other using deception - a one night stand with a handsome rover while marrying a faithful, dutiful husband - the stud/dud play. Or, joining some powerful man\'s harem where many women share the resources of a sole male.

As for males, a guy has two major paths - he can offer a woman security and resources for raising their children then keep his eye on her. Or he can cruise, putting his resources into looking out for open opportunities and attracting females open for a quick sperm transfer. Many of us play it both ways. It\'s a cruel world on both sides - one study noted that 10% of children had genes that weren\'t the nominal, legal father\'s.

So, why would a woman want to use pheromones? To get more attention in general or to get attention from higher quality men? We have some female posters who just wanted to get the attention of their lackadaisical husbands. The self-inflicted effects on mood using A-1 or RfW can be another reason.

Happy hunting - you sound like a great catch.

06-03-2002, 01:14 PM
I agree, there are fundemental differences in men/woman generally...
So, it\'s not always the case or sometimes just surpressed or overiden by other stronger intellectual or emotional reasons but it is the majority that really does fall into the gereral rule. So, while men
will want to attract females for sex who will have the highest quality genes and also attract a lot of females for this weather it goes deeper then that or not, the females want to attract someone who will stick around and be a provider and protector for the offspring.

So for the majority of women I don\'t think they are interested in the added pheromones to attract the most men or for hot sex like some
of the guys are but rather to attract that \"special someone\". Like you said, there husbands or whatnot. And the advantage if single to attract a larger volume of men would be to increase selection choices and have an edge over the competition of other females.
And the advantage of the larger volume when there is already only a certain one they care about actually being with would be not only to attract that one but also to use the effects of a lot of other men being attracted to them as to excite the interest and territorial instincts of the one they are interested in.

I know for me I came accross this site because of a seperation with my fiance. It is so exciting to learn all this stuff. And so interesting
how we humans behave and are so instinctually programed despite if
in reality with modern culture and civilization we don\'t want nor is it really a need anymore for everyone to have offspring. Probably a lot better if half of the population that is didn\'t! Nor is it neccassary with modern living and protection to have a massive amount of children like tribes in Africa because so many don\'t survive the harshness of nature. So you may not even ever want children- I don\'t know if I really do yet and if we do it is a small amount as opposed to our instincts from primal living. And also with society woman no longer Need men! With being able to produce and provide for ourselves with everyone in society trading services and woman being
very successful within it and accepted in that role now. Sperm banks even! Yet we still desire it! We still have the sexual and mating and bonding desire even if we don\'t want to reproduce or need to. Just
strange that this desire that has turned very hedonistic at times is only because of a very practical pre-programed mechanizm.

I think the opposite could also be true for males. Having a one night stand with a hot, beautiful woman while marrying the faithful more
plain yet loyal and maternal woman who makes a warm stable home.

\"one study noted that 10% of children had genes that weren\'t the nominal, legal father\'s.\"
That\'s a hard number to believe! Amazing! That many female cheaters? Strange...

Anyways, thanks for the advice and info! I agree health is a turn on as is strength and happiness. A truly Happy person who radiates with joy and warmth is hard to resist! As well as confidence and independance! /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

06-03-2002, 01:24 PM
That will be an interesting experiment to see if the pheromones can make woman excited enough to go against there nature of not being the pursuer. Is this stuff of it happening from 10 woman at once a new thing after starting using these products? Or has it always been that way for you?

Do guys really want a woman to be the one to make a move? What kind of move do you want them to make? I think most woman don\'t want to come on too strong and it is also both instinctually primal
as well as culturally frowned apon for woman to be the aggressor
and chase a man. So most woman even if interested won\'t but they
will respond if interested if approached. It is a bit passive-aggressive
isn\'t it? Having to hint at what you want while pretending you really don\'t! lol!

06-03-2002, 01:32 PM
Jadj, I have got to ask, you have never desired sex without a relationship? A little fun with no commitment. As a man I offer wonder how women feel about this subject.

06-03-2002, 02:09 PM
Absolutely! Woman desire this all the time. They are just less likely to act on it. I know when I was younger it was far more the case- just fun! Cause being young you are not able to handle anything very serious anyways. I think the older a woman gets perhaps the more
serious we get as well. So even though the desire is still there sometimes I would no longer act on it (in my maturity- haha). Maybe we start to take life too seriously I don\'t know. But everyone is different and I think everyone calms down some the older they get.
When I was with my fiance for 4yrs I didn\'t have any problems staying loyal. I think it\'s like that for some guys too- if they\'re the dark serious type. Playing around might sound very fun in a temp.
playing a different character appeal but they know in reality it isn\'t them and therefore have no practical desire to actually do it. I think lifestyle has a Lot to do with it! Yeah woman are more in touch with
there emotions and men are better at compartmentalizing but we all
have just sexual desires if we act on them or not. And the excitment of someone we don\'t know is part of it. It\'s just reality is never as exciting or attractive as our fantasies- it\'s like Hollywood compared to real world.

06-03-2002, 07:35 PM
Sorry jadi i was just implementing a double view NLP exercise it is culturally acceptable for the man to make the move. I have done so in the past, but decided for this argument to take the opposite side for the sake of men out there who believe in hollywood and the women doing all the work etc etc, they come here pheromones become the answer and they can still be lazy so taking the view of \"i cant get none i dont do nothing etc etc\" gives them an insight into why the world is the way it is. This is reality wake up \"as anita doth sings in one of her songs.

If a woman made a move on me i mean really asking me out etc etc then sure it would be nice but guess what it aint gunna happen so at the moment im single finances are tight a lot of stress surrounds me currently so a woman is out of the question. But it is to try and help others out there. Most of the behavioural/biological information presented by us experienced types and sciencetists amoungst us is valid and pretty well much presents it the way it really is in reality of life bla bla bla.

06-04-2002, 03:16 PM
Male and female infidelities have different consequences. The 10% figure was for a group of lower class women in England. The researchers found that the higher in socioeconomic standing the couple were, the less likely were to be found children who didn\'t match the husband, i.e. the more faithful the wife. Talk about \"trailer park trash!\" But then, take a look at \"The Jerry Springer Show.\"

Other researchers have found the same behavior in other \"monogamous\" species too - birds for example. Surveys (of humans) often put the % of male infidelities at 50% and the female at 20 to 30% or numbers something like that.

As for having kids today in America, most women opt for a few but high quality kids. Given the expense, that makes a lot of sense. Infant survival rates are also high, as you pointed out, so burning yourself out having 5 or 6 just to get one or two to adulthood isn\'t necessary. In spite of what feminists say, children are so much better off with two loving parents so I think that men are here to stay and remain necessary (but then, I am a man.) I\'ve been a single parent for three sons and I know the struggles.

I\'ve also been through breakups and have been amazed at the physical and mental effects of heartbreak. In fact, a breakup got me interested in brain stuff and hence to this site too. PM me for more info on ideas on how to get over a broken heart.

06-04-2002, 06:09 PM
sorry, I\'m so tired right now I can\'t think of what PM stands for. So how do you get over a broken heart? I\'ve been going through one for 5 months now.

06-06-2002, 07:06 AM
\"PM\" stands for \"Private Message\" - look under the \"My Home\" tab on the header and you should find one from me.