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10-05-2001, 08:03 PM
Hey, I just ordered one of the pheromone colgnes, and I have some questions. First of all, let me just say that I\'m not some extremely nerdy or ugly guy and I\'m not saying any of you are either, I just say this because this will be a factor in what I\'m about to ask. The reason I feel I need the extra help is that all the girls I meet and get close to, I tend to be too friendly and they all consider me a friend to confide with, but not to be with in a relationship.

I was just wondering, if I know a girl that I\'m already close to, but just friends, would this pheromone work to get her sexually attracted to me? I mean, would it just cause her to think of me as closer of a friend or would it actually change the way she looks at me?

Another thing is that, just pretend it works and I get together with a girl I like that was not exactly attracted to me before. After I stop using the cologne, will she look at me and think \"wait, I\'m not attracted to him\" or will it actually have a lasting impression on people?

10-05-2001, 08:37 PM
hi slagman!

first of all, the pheromone\'s main job description is to send a sexual signal to the part of the person\'s nose that will make her feel attracted to you \"physically\" at first. then your duty as the \"attacker\", is to take advantage of that so called \"attraction\" not actually by going physical too but by selling urself and what u might have to offer to her. since at the moment she is focused on you only, anything u say will have great impact on her and u can make her feel that ur the man and that ur fun to be with and all that.

now about ur 2nd question, i think it just might reverse the effect if u stop using pheros. i\'m not quite sure but i just think that somehow, when she smells the pheros, especially the androstenone, she feels that ur the \"alpha-male\" and that she feels secure with you and makes an association that the security she feels is actually coming from your natural being. If she stops smelling the pheros, she might sense that the security she feels from you is not there anymore. Am i making any sense at all?

AGAIN I\'m not sure but I would like to hear about the other\'s comments too. U sure threw in a good thing to think about!

10-06-2001, 10:50 PM
Its a moot point as well, i have no opinion either way, its more useful if you are just after short term flings, but if you do get into a relationship then you are going to tell her at some point and then that can be used to anchor her to you, make it an intimate thing or a reward, once a women is with a man she settles down so if you use pheros every so often to just keep hold of her, maybe once every couple of days, NLP
can be of good use here to.

This sort of thing requires a certain change in thinking to the old way of doing things this stuff is important you might even try working out a little bit just to get into psychical shape the pheros are only a small part of everything in sexual attraction, but a fairly important bit.

I think most of the forum members might agree with that point as well. I found that communication is a very key point as well, and being willing to act out your positive plans, but it can send you a bit crazy so prepare yourself mentally as well for a new perspective.

NLP is important here as well. Just do a websearch to find information, hey has anyone got any good NLP relationship related links that are free and not overly linked to any commercial enterprise.

Maybe bruce could put something up on the website or a link to NLP sites.

10-07-2001, 06:15 AM
On the subject of Pheromones I agree with everyone above. On the question of the \"Friendship zone\" with women,here\'s what I do. Now I always make reference to \"making friends\" and \"if nothing else, we can be friends\" in the first conversation and when setting up the first coffee date. Then went on the date, I talk about why I like to make \"friends\" first to get to know the other person. \"I think you\'re going to make a nice friend.\" Then after the friendship frame is established,I flirt like hell, and make sexual innuendo and jokes. This sets up the idea that I\'m in control myself, and that I\'m going to judge whether I want to be more than friends based on something more than JUST HER LOOKS. You can keep up this \"lets be friends fun\" forever. Even after you start dating, still talk about it. It\'s fun to have fun with it.
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10-07-2001, 07:23 AM
hey jose-with-a-killer-smile...the \"friendship zone\" idea sounds quite workable. in fact it struck a chord with me cuz it sounds quite similar to some of the ideas Doc love always emphasizes...self-control=confidence...im sure u visit askmen.com every now and then.
actually come to think of it, i\'ve probly applied this mindframe several times without realizing it....until u verbalized it.
but im curious how has this idea been working out for u? i mean if u have to put a rough percentage to it...cuz i was in an ideal situation where the women around me outnumbered the men and i was decidedly the alpha-male of the environment. and as we all know seduction is also a major numbers game...so how does it work outside of a favorable environment?

in pheromones we trust

10-07-2001, 07:51 AM
I recommended www.askmen.com (\"http://www.askmen.com\") to all the guys around here and the new ones. Doc Love gives great advice, I suggest to anybody to go there and read his articles,if you want to understand women. As for the \"friendship zone\" advice, women won\'t expect it. She will be saying \"What is he not attracted to me?\" Plus you\'ll be different from other guys, this has worked for me in the past but not all the time. It mostly works on beautiful women, they always get their ass kissed by guys(The complements and how beautiful she looks, they already know that). The most important thing is to not be needy or predictable, continue to be a challenge. Women are attracted to men that are different and they can\'t predict their actions.
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10-07-2001, 08:42 AM
yeah i\'ve also noticed and realized that too...this aloof/devil may care attitude and i\'ll-keep-u-guessing-how-much-i-really-dig-u strat works mostly on the HBs(8-10s). mainly because it allows u to stand out among all the other male supplicants...but that\'s pretty much it as far as i know. she\'ll be temporarily stunned by ur difference...but then HBs get so much attention=distraction from other eager replacements that u either get a heart attack from jealousy anxiety or she gives u one by sleeping with another guy who distracted her better...and of course i know not all girls are like that, but sadly most HBs are...at least i haven\'t met one personally that wasn\'t.

this \"challenge\" excitement for the HB only works until u actually get together with them. u may even get laid...but so what. she can easily sleep with anybody else she wants. it\'s the keeping-them-by-urside part that i haven\'t been able to break through. or maybe all we can do with HBs are to leave them b4 they make us the chump...and thus adding to the sick cycle of sex-wars...or maybe it\'s all in my head...

while pheromones do help immensely, the technology merely gives u more candidates to choose from, but it doesn\'t neccessarily capture their hearts.

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10-07-2001, 09:25 AM
Not all beautiful women have that attitude but most do. They\'ve been handed everything over to them on a silver platter since they were young. They even throw a little tantrum if they don\'t get what they want. It\'s really is \"a game\" to women, and they\'re constantly testing you. You just have to separate the ones that are going to screw you over, to the ones that are serious about finding a long-term relationship.
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10-07-2001, 09:44 AM
the search continues... images/icons/wink.gif

10-08-2001, 12:09 PM
Ok this is my battle plan so to speak, i think its time i jumped in. Using NLP to begin with, i just go after numbers as far as all women, get real close then when ive got 20 or 30 around jump around and around always with a big goofy grin on my face, it makes me happy anyway so its good that way.

And i have this nack of just talking to them one minute then getting sexual the next and then talking to them, this confuses the hell out of them.

But also go so far with the lesser types, this takes a lot of emotional energy but if you can pull it off, weird funny stuff starts to happen.

The HBs start following you around and around and whisting at you and just keep going. Where it will end i do not know but its fun to do.

Learn to fly sexual induendo around like its money spending up big, but in a way that everyone will get but make fun of the sexual jokes and words (keywords like big enormous or huge, followed by frisky or something in the next sentence) it will work much better with the smile and conversation skills and pheromones as well.

Just spread yourself around a lot to begin with just for practice even you will get many opportunities, also hook up with some buddies and everyone use pheromones, that way being in bigger numbers enables more chances, this is always a good trick having at least four guys go out on the town in a group wearing pheromones and working together as a team to beat out the competition.

Think about it girls and guys.

10-11-2001, 07:24 PM
Eh, I don\'t think I trust askmen.com, sorry to say this without reading their articles, I will read some anyway, but from their list of 50 most beautiful women they have A LOT of really fake women and others who just seem to be popular for all the wrong reasons and they left out just about every woman I feel deserves it the most. Somehow Courteney Cox, who was on the COVER of the People Magazine\'s 50 Most Beautiful people issue a couple years back, was completely excluded from this list which is just ludicrous.

Anyway, I\'ll check out some of the articles and see what I learn.