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10-04-2001, 11:58 AM
Hi Red,
Sounds like you have found your combo. Thanks for the update.

I would definitely phone her up. I am quite sure that is why she gave you her number, but I wouldn\'t be to presumptuous when you do call. Just to be the gentleman when you call I would say something like: \"Hi, it\'s me, blah blah blah... Sorry to be calling you at work like this, but you were so helpful the other day, I was wondering if you would let me take you out to lunch.\" Please try that. I\'m dying to know what she says. You can post the results here or write me privately if you\'d rather. I bet you get yourself a great date. Maybe I\'m old fashioned, but I think it is nice to meet at least once during the day, to get to know each other a little.

Good luck,

10-04-2001, 03:18 PM
I don\'t know Bruce! Damn! I wanted to get hits and now that it\'s in my hands i don\'t know what to do with it! I\'m a little hesitant because... u know... the first time to ask the person is always the hardest. And especially if you haven\'t really talked about anything else then suddenly I would ask her out.... I\'M SCARED NOW!

I think I need to lower the amount of pheros I use! (HAHAHA). Coz just before I went home today I got another response from another lady. Could u imagine her saying to me HER BRAIN\'s DEAD coz she was trying to explain me something but she couldn\'t think of anything and she just stopped and laughed and said her brain\'s dead. I\'m really amazed!
By the way, how long does this combo stay on skin? Does it become stronger when used with sprayer instead of just putting dabs?

Now I have yet to try my LURE with my PI. I don\'t know what\'s gonna happen next.

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10-04-2001, 07:11 PM
Yes Redcapp, the mix is strong. No one knows what to make of it. When I first introduced 70%/30% to the forum most people (including myself) just thought it was another mix, but it seems to be the closest thing to love Potion #9 that we\'re going to get not, to mention I think I only know of one person who it didn\'t work for but Edge nor PI worked for them either.

I\'m learning to like The Edge but TE in no way shape or form give me the hits (atleast the obvious hits) the way the APC/NPA mix does.

I\'m happy it worked out. Well, have fun but remember, with great power comes great responsibility and all that. images/icons/laugh.gif

10-04-2001, 08:09 PM
hey jambat!

ur last words for me is kinda scary!!! ur like telling me to beware of what might come to me and make sure i can handle it. i think i have to attend seminars on how to handle pressure! from the opposite sex of course! no i was just playing, i think i\'m gonna like it this way. especially now that im starting to look better coz im working out.

could you tell me how long the scent stays after your 1st application? is it ok to refresh if I think the scent has gone out after a couple of hours? and do you think APC would do the same if i use it alone?

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10-04-2001, 10:32 PM
To all the pherodudes who haven\'t tried yet Jambat\'s APC/NPA 70-30 mix, don\'t waste time, this is working!!!

I\'ll tell u what happened to me. Mixed up 70% of APC and 30% of NPA in a little bottle and applied 3 dabs, one on hair, one behind the ears and one on wrists. Even myself got addicted to the wonderful scent it creates and I keep smelling my wrists. Then off to work and went to the lady boss\'s room to discuss something. Suddenly she became so soft-hearted and discussed somethings about her life that i never heard her talk about. She\'s always been nice but she\'s the kind of \"strong-girl\" \"do-it-all\" boss and she just went real soft with me this time. Then I went out of the room and talked to the receptionist. She is somehow like teary-eyed but she kept her eyes on mine while we were talking and she looked like she wanted to ask me something and she kept looking at my clothes like she\'s trying to figure out what\'s different with me this time.


About 11:00 am I went to Honda dealership to have my car serviced. There is one receptionist there that I\'ve always had my eye on but she don\'t seem to notice me... until today! I stood there without asking anybody for help and she was talking over the phone. She then hung-up and went straight to me with the biggest smile i\'ve seen from her and said \"HELLO! CAN I HELP YOU?\" Then i explained the problem and went a little closer to her to make sure she gets the scent. Then she have me sign some paper works and you know what? She went closer to me (side by side) then tried to explain what the paper is all about. AND THEN... she said this:

\"...I tell you what, here is my name and phone # in case you have a problem or if you need something...\"

Man, i\'ve always gone to her whenever I needed a service but she never treated me like this before. And why would she write down her name and phone # this time when she didn\'t even talk to me before? Oh by the way she gave me her work phone by the way so I don\'t know if she wanted me to call her for personal reasons.

How long does the combo stay on my skin? Cuz i think it went out after a couple of hours as I try to sniff them off my wrists.

10-04-2001, 10:42 PM
Wait a minute, wait a minute!

I can\'t let this other experience go without posting it here first!

This happened while I was still there in the Honda dealership waiting for my car to come out. I played a little \"testing\" on those 2 ladies in sales department who were talking beside the entrance door. I walked through and looked at them and they both stopped talking and both looked at me like I\'m a terrorist invading their place. I don\'t know but that\'s how they looked. Then I picked up some newspaper and went back to the 2 girls and asked if I can take the paper out for a while while I\'m waiting for my car. Then one of them said \"yeah. actually you can have it.\" and then she said \"wait, here\'s the newer one, you can have them both\". now all these are happening while the other lady said nothing but just stared at me.

that\'s all folks! i think i\'m gonna have fun with this mix!

10-05-2001, 08:04 PM
Well I\'d give it awhile before I refresh. If you spray this stuff on your clothes it tends to stay. Sometimes it even stays on flesh for awhile too. Just a hint. Make sure you wash the places you\'ve sprayed every morning as not to accidently overdose because some of this stuff is strong. I\'d refresh after work (Assuming you have an 8 hour gig) because I think the oil base in APC helps the mones stay on longer. I could be wrong.

APC alone is good but I\'d use about four or five drops and maybe even more sometimes. It\'s not super potent but it does get hits in nice amounts so there are some pheros in there somewhere. It seems adding the NPA is simply making a stronger APC. The scent of APC is intoxicating and attention grabbing. images/icons/smile.gif

10-05-2001, 08:24 PM
ur right! apc\'s scent is attention grabbing in fact as i\'ve said, i can\'t stop myself from sniffing it off my wrists. i just think sometimes that i don\'t smell the scent anymore and that i need to refresh. do u think that even if the scent wears off the pheros are still working? i\'m using a roll-on by the way so i don\'t know if it\'s enough to roll once behind each ears then on the wrists. once more question if u don\'t mind, do i have to get close to the girl to make the pheros work on her or would she be able to detect it and start looking for that smell until she finds me? i really find it exciting when a girl passes by me then she would look back. Funny coz she doesn\'t know i\'m observing her! images/icons/smile.gif

10-06-2001, 08:19 PM
Yes, the pheros are still there even after the scent goes away. The pheros are usually stronger than the actual scent. What you may want to do is have some APC without NPA in it around just to refresh the scent. You may even want to try NPA and an e-oil (I\'d guess a 50%/50% mix) and keep the e-oil around so you won\'t over do it, but I like to stick with APC.

I get close as I can without invading personal space, but I\'ve noticed times when I was standing behind women looking or to the side just flipping through a mag or whatever and the woman suddenly snaps her head around and stares at me for a second.

I like the mix because it gets all kinds of attention. The edge seems to only get the attention of older chicks and slightly crazed cultist. (Long story). Either way, keep working with the mix. I hope to experiment more too but NPA will probably be the base of my experiments.

I do have a question. I had a roll on bottle awhile ago. How much do you put on with it, because you seem to be doing just fine. Make sure you don\'t over do it because the women won\'t come any faster. It will just make them run away, even with the mix. (Especially with the mix). images/icons/smile.gif

10-06-2001, 11:00 PM
Really learning to handle the pressure from lots of women can be interesting. But think of it this way.

If you want to learn about yourself and how to handle yourself emotionally and mentally around good looking women. Then pheromones are the way to go, you must talk to as many of them as you can, think of it as a information gathering exercise and they will be eager to talk to you.

You can if you go all out very fast that you find yourself learning lots of new insights and perspectives which can be used elsewhere in the future.

Jump in the deep end and go for it, this is what i have done and as people reading my back posts will see that my perspectives have changes over several months, i have matured more in the last 6 months then i probably would have in my whole lifetime, i now find friends listening to my words of wisdom and am finding that i am helping them exactly the way they need.

You could say im psychic and several times i have come close to having an emotional breakdown because i ignored key emotional warnings, NLP is the way to go to handle that. Well maybe not quite psychic but i now look at things completley differently then i have in the past and the future is looking good.

This combo is looking good i will have to try it out and see what i get, im finding new uses to but i need to keep some secrets he he.

10-07-2001, 06:28 AM
jambat - what i do with the roll on is this. I turn the bottle over very quickly to get some of the liquid to stay in the ball then I roll it just once on my left ear then once on the right. With the remaining pheros on the ball, I roll it on right wrist then rub it together with the other. Then when the ball is almost dry, I use it to spread what is already behind my ears then the very last part of pheros in the ball goes to my forearms. im wondering if the scent will be evenly spread if i use a spray instead. do you have more hits with spray instead of roll-on?

paul - i know coz i\'ve read some of your posts too. i think it will really change the way we handle ourselves in big situations because of the confidence that we gain from pheros everyday. and i think i\'m starting to feel a little better about myself as time goes by and finding people more open to me and listening to what i\'m saying. we just have to know how to use this tool and master it just like using any other tool in the household.

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10-07-2001, 11:07 AM
hi hypnojunkie!

i\'m sorry if u still can\'t find the right dose or application or whatever it is that\'s keeping u from getting results. i hope ur not gonna give up now! probably i just got lucky that the combo worked for me too! because at first when i got my 1st product which is the PI, i expected to get hits since it\'s the most potent product but the only hit i got was from a DOG! then i found about the apc/npa, and tried it and got lucky right away. maybe what u need is another combo. jambat is always experimenting so u might wanna try his new experiments. but im pretty sure u\'ll find the right one for u!

how can u make sure that ur not getting results anyway? i know u know that it\'s important to sometimes initiate it than waiting for someone to go after u. or maybe there are girls secretly sneaking at you when you\'re not aware or when ur turned back. try to be deliberate and observe their reactions.

10-07-2001, 06:45 PM
that\'s really cool hypnojunkie! i wish i have all the chance u have to be with girls anytime i want to. my work is not really staying inside the office coz im a computer tech and when i go to one office, the longest time i could spend with these girls are 40 mins. then i have to fly off to another office. i don\'t go to club too often either and the only testing ground i have is the mall and the only hits i get there are DIHL and not really long conversations. Like today i went to the mall, then on the escalator, this young girl in front of me just looked at me like i touched her booty or something and i got really scared coz she just stared at me before hopping on to the escalator.

does anybody have any suggestion on how to get hits and conversations without going to the club?

10-07-2001, 07:49 PM
Redcapp, you\'re da man. As far as the roll on versus spray goes, if you\'re getting hits with the roll on keep doing it because that\'s what I started out with. I only moved to spray because I have a mini atomizer and I feel like a secret agent about to go to work when I pull out that little container and spray the mones on. Plus the atomizer is small and help to keep me from ODing on the mones. The roll on bottle also seemed to leak and the roll on top started coming off with the top.

As for meeting chicks, all you need is an excuse to go up and talk to one you like. Any excuse will do. Or you can simply say, \"I saw you over here and thought I\'d come over and say hi.\" Or something like that. But see you have a little edge (no pun intended) over many guys so if a woman seems interested that\'s the one to talk to. Ask her the time, directions, anything. Women who want you around usually find a way to make that happen. Hypnojunkie\'s approach was smooth even though he may have actually needed the book. I think you may\'ve gotten a better response with the mix working for you, although in the end HJ didn\'t do too bad did he.

Stay up on politics, news, ect and you\'ll always have something to talk about. And when you\'re working a good line for you is \"I\'m the computer tech and I need...\" you can go one from there, I mean you could need to find someone, directions, the time, anything could work here.

10-07-2001, 09:22 PM
jambat - for the first time in this forum u said 1 thing that\'s not right! U are the man and not me! LOL!!! Well thanks for ur advice, maybe i should say this line instead: \"Hi. I\'m a computer guy. Do u have any broken computers at home that I can fix?\"
The first time i used these products my plan was not to sell myself yet but just get reactions and observations. I guess i\'m stuck to it now cuz now that i\'m getting results i just don\'t know how to take advantage. Like u said, with more power comes more responsibility right? Anywayz, it\'s gonna be ok. I\'ll find my chance somewhere somehow! images/icons/cool.gif

10-09-2001, 09:23 PM
Somewhere somehow? Your chance is everywhere now and it gives you a chance to work on your social skills. The only people with good social skills are those who have it naturally and cool guys in movies. Even I (I\'m supposed to have an out going personality so I\'m told) am not the greatest socially. I mean I fall into stuff, like people will invite me to do things versus me walking up to someone, but the situation makes all the difference too.

Check it: I remember at a seminar I was sitting alone and a woman asked me to sit with her and a male friend and we talked for awhile and later a guy came over to me and asked me to sit with his group. Now the woman was older (about 40ish damn TE) and there was a nice looking girl of Jewish decent in the guy\'s group but the mones didn\'t seem to be hitting her. Either way everyone was social and wanted to talk to me, but I noticed these where people who had walked by me or I had in someway passed up. So now I got my mix together I\'m willing to bet those situations will happen more often. images/icons/smile.gif

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10-10-2001, 11:44 AM
The best way to get women into range for the pheros is to have a big smile on your face at all times images/icons/smile.gif images/icons/laugh.gif images/icons/cool.gif like these ones and they will come close seeing you as a nice guy from afar.

Then they are in range and if you want to chat to them/make a move whichever way you want to think about it, then that is the way, just keep up that big goofy look, hey it will actually make you more motivated to get through life.

Use NLP if you need to to get through life as well it really helps.

And accelerated learning to learn quickly about current events and politics so you have something to talk about.