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09-29-2001, 08:54 PM
Just spending a few minutes in the forum I ran across this combo of pouring 1/2 bottle of primal into a bottle of attraction. Anyone try this lately, and is it 1/2 bottle to 1 full bottle of attraction?

09-30-2001, 12:40 PM

You better shake the hell out of a mix of Primal and any alcohol-based product like Attraction.I tried mixing a couple of drops of PI into one of those little cologne sample tubes and it didn\'t blend for shit.You could get it to mix briefly, but the PI would just come rising to the top within a few seconds. images/icons/frown.gif

You\'d be better off using NPA if you wanted to punch up the Androstenone in Attraction.Both are alcohol-based and should mix nicely. images/icons/wink.gif

Oscar images/icons/laugh.gif

09-30-2001, 08:07 PM
Ya kno Oscar, was wondering about that myself. That\'s why I asked if anyone had tried this yet. Couldn\'t figure out how the two would ever mix? I am still seriously thinking though about APC/AFA. I do use Jambat\'s mix but was wondering about boosting up the -nol.

09-30-2001, 08:29 PM
Jaggy, I was wondering about AFA too. Tell me what happens. Right now I\'ve ordered APC, NPA and PF. I have TE and SPMO. I\'m thinking of making a small batch of SPMO with TE and NPA in it. People say PF is a great stand alone so I hope to try that along with the mix too. I may add some super primal to the NPA APC mix. For the record the APC NPA mix is big on getting DIHL and women cant seen to take their eyes off of you.

10-03-2001, 10:20 PM
Primal is oil based and attraction is alcohol based but the alcohol in attraction is not strong enough or pure enough for the two to blend and that\'s why they seperate.
Try mixing primal with \"everclear\" They will mix; then add the alcohol based attraction and they should all blend together.