View Full Version : How much is too much? (my first results)

09-29-2001, 04:03 PM
Ok I got my first order and decided to give it a shot today! Well 4 healthy sprays of Edge, a nice clean sandlewood smell and out I went. To my dismay I soon realized it seemed to have a NEG effect.....even girls that are usually friendly were backing away and were at best, cordial. I\'m guessing I over did it somewhat. I used it as is, no other cologne so as not to hide or lesson the effect. Question of course is how much to use and still be detectable, and will a cologne mask it too much? T oday proved one thing to me, this stuff works because the reaction was certainly there, its just a matter of the right amount/cologne combination. Also is there a \"refresh\" period? (without being overpowering) images/icons/wink.gif

09-29-2001, 11:16 PM

Super overdose, in my book, especially if you are talking about indoors in a non-smokey atmosphere.

My guess is that you can smell the sandalwood but not the pheros (1 in 4 men in the West can not make out androstenone very clearly). The two smells together do not need masking (though you can add a little musk oil), BUT 4 sprays is an awful lot, and by the end of the day mixed with your own natural pheros can drive everyone away.

My advice is:
Don\'t mask, just cut way back. Some guys water the stuff down 50/50 and then use only 2 sprays. I have used 2 smallish sprays of sandalEdge and done well. Try that or even less.

Good luck,