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03-29-2012, 04:29 PM
Inexperienced Guy In Brothel: I've never done this, what do you suggest? Hooker: 69 is quite popular. They get in bed, she farts. She: Excuse me sir, are you alright? He: Yes. It happens 2 more times. He: We better stop, I can't take this 66 more times! : Little boys at school wonder, what's a penis? At home, Billy asks dad. Dad: (unzips fly) This is a penis, -- as a matter of fact, it's a perfect penis. Next day at school, Billy: (unzips) This is a penis -- & if it were 3 inches shorter, it'd be perfect!: On the way to his room, Billy sees Mom naked on her bed rubbing her body saying: I need a man, I need a man!! Again next day. Day after, Mom's in bed with a man who plugs away. Billy goes in his room, rubs his naked body: I need a bike, I need a bike!! : An 80 year old woman goes to her doctor. Woman: "Doctor, I'm afraid I have crabs!" He examines her. Doctor: "Lady you don't have crabs -- you just have a rotten cherry and fruit flies!"