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02-06-2011, 09:29 PM

guys, a couple of weeks ago my order of B-nol, A1 (full strength), SOE and NPA arrived. The only other mone I have

is a bottle of blue dot Impi. I work at a restaurant so I decided hey this would be a good place to try out a


However I haven't had the time to buy any cologne to cover my mones :LOL: so instead of doing my

classic NPA+bnol+A1 combo I decided to try 3 drops of b-nol, 3 - 4 drops of A1, 6 - 8 inches of SOE and a spray of

Impi blue as a make due cover scent till I get some cologne. I don't like the smell of blue dot personally but

beats the phero scent :lol:

Some of the reactions I've had have been incredible! 2 female co workers (19

and 23) suddenly flirt with me all the time. In fact I got out of work early saturday before the dinner rush and the

19 year old one was upset that I was leaving! Before I started using mones here we got along but in a nothing

against you but nothing for you either. Now its that and constant walking up to rub my back, touch my shoulder and

make sex jokes around me.

Tip wise I've noticed I've been getting more money recently as well. From about

18% being the average to 25% being the average! And I have a hard time waiting on multiple tables because all my

tables want to talk to me!

Next week I'll be going out to the bars so I'll test out my old faithful

NPA+Bnol+A1 then but for you guys that don't do NPA well, give Bnol+A1+SOE+Impi a try.

02-07-2011, 10:24 PM
Wow, that does sound interesting.


02-07-2011, 11:27 PM
I don't have Impi but I

have just started using the other 3. The implied message being come talk to me, open up and be honest, and stay

calm. I will also use PI/w as my a-nol source instead of soe sometimes. I prefer to apply to clothing, and as this

is my asian combo I am using a nice guy white t shirt instead of my usual intimidating all black attire. Remember

simple touches like that can make a big difference. My usual dose for these mones is about 30 -40 micrograms of


02-08-2011, 03:07 PM
Tomorrow I'm gonna buy some

cologne before work. I'm interested in seeing how just SOE+A1+Bnol works out

02-10-2011, 04:16 PM
Didn't get the chance to buy

cologne (in fact I'm gonna do that after posting this) so yesterday I wore the basic b-nol+A1+SOE+Impi combo


I got to work at 5, the 23 year old was off that day and the 19 year old got there at 530 and both of us

were gonna be the restaurant closers that night.

When I walked in it was empty for the most part, so my

coworkers, my manager and I were all chatting when my manager started talking about how the 19 year old kept talking

about me. On and on about me, about how she wants to be in a relationship with me on FB and how she wants to "do the

deed" with me.

She walks in and runs over and hugs me. Throughout the night she was friendly of course and at

one point my table section was being used by someone else (big group) so I wasn't making any money. She gave me one

of her tables when she saw that it was 4 single guys. I'm good at upselling and all but she specifically said for

me to take them so I can make alot of money. Nice!

Then once the restaurant was closed and we were cleaning up

she asked about my schedule for the next week. Then she mentioned shes closing on monday and would I like to close

with her (it didn't escape me that Valentines is on Monday).

All in all I gotta say I'm loving this combo.

Killer combo number 2 for me haha.

So in my experience for when you need to get stuff done quickly, use

NPA+B-nol+A1 to get the girl to be trusting ,caring, feeling a deep conection and extremely horny.

For the slow

building of something use B-nol+A1+SOE+Impi.

02-15-2011, 03:54 AM
Been a few days so I thought I'd


Heres whats been going on.

Vday weekend (11 - 14th) are by far (universally known) as the best sales

wise for restaurants but as for us servers/bartenders (yup I'm both depending on my schedule, this week waiter

cause they needed badass waiters on the floor which we lack) it means the most stress of any week of the ENTIRE

year. Regardless of your dating status lol.

But I've been wearing my normal combo and I've noticed more and

more touching from the 19 year old. Im typing in an order and she walks by and i feel a pluck at my butt


Saturday night after work I was walking to my car when the 19 year old, driving the 23 year old, a coworker,

and another coworker who i cant figure out if he is the bf of the 19 year old or not, pulled up beside me when i was

at my car, grabbed my keys and said hell no your not going anywhere till you hang with us! And I was "forced" to sit

in the front seat with the 19 year old.

But yea I'm convinced this combo is gold!

02-16-2011, 10:18 AM
Ain't it great when things just

seem to come together...


I'm now officially jealous.

02-16-2011, 03:58 PM
Haha thanks Rbt, it is always

great when things just come together.

Since that post the 19 year old forced her number on me. I obviously

didn't fight it lol. I'll be doing more testing this weekend, right now I'm on a well deserved 2 day break

(working 16 days in a row? yea I need it)

03-03-2011, 07:07 AM
Its been awhile haha but its all

good. For the week after my last post I kept using B-nol+A1+Impi then the week after that I switched to

B-nol+A1+NPA, slowing increasing the amount of NPA each time I'd see the 19 year old. A couple of nights it came to

a head way and we hooked up. Lol she said I smell like sex. Anyways since then we've been together and she

obviously really likes me.