View Full Version : NPA Report... My Findings so far

12-26-2010, 09:18 PM
Merry Christmas Folks!
Here's the deal. I'm black / Hispanic, I'll be 42 next month (I look 25ish). I'm short

5"6" of muscular build and I've been told I'm good looking... Especially for my age.
I've been using NPA with

my BOD Man body spray @ 35 drops of NPA to 56mL spray bottles. Since BOD Man fragrances smell nice and can stay on

you for two and sometimes three days, after I shower, I'll spray it away from me and walk through the mist. So for

the past month and a half, I've been using BOD Man spiked with NPA and this is what has transgressed so far and the

drastic changes. I've been experimenting at Walmart and I've been getting looks (more than usual). There's a

cashier in particular (beautiful young black girl) who always seems to sense me when I enter. I can be walking in

from behind and she'd turn around to glance at me... Is it by pure coincidence? One day I actually got in her line

to check out and I could see her acting weird like smiling to herself. As I got closer (2nd) she had a look of

shyness mixed with embarrassment and I could tell she was trying not to look at me (in a good way) I haven't

spoken to her yet except to say hi. I must say this... This is the same girl whom months ago (prior to using NPA) I

had approached and given her a business card, but she never called. Still coincidence? Two weeks ago I went to a job

opening to take their two hour assessment. I passed it and found myself having the interview the same day and I

wasn't even dressed nor prepared... Turns out that the interviewers were three women and they were all smiles and

being nice. Last week I got the call that I got the job. Again... Coincidence? I'm also a part-time sales

associate at a retail store and I've notice that the female co-workers do tend to talk to me more and I've even

caught them smiling at me from a distance (Especially this Asian girl).. There's also one who seems to be following

me around the store (I'm always running into her) and she's always trying to help me and acts bubbly (she's

married). Me and my wife have been having issues for the past 5 months, she won't make love to me and and she's

mentioned leaving me. After I purchased NPA she still won't get close, but she's been more talkative and I've

managed to steal a few kisses on her cheek (big move!) I've put her through a lot, (not necessarily cheating) but

now she's saying that she needs time to heal so she's opening up more. We actually sleep on the same bed now (I

still don't try anything). NPA has made me feel more aggressive and confident but it also seems to amplify whatever

mood I'm in... Also it gives me a "crashed" feel afterwards.
Over all NPA seems to have made a change in my life

because despite my looks I've generally been shy around women (I've often been mistaken for being gay) and by the

time I get the cojones to make the approach it's always been "Sorry.. you should have said something sooner." So

definitely, I'm beginning to like this!

I just ordered the Chikara gel packs to add to my NPA... Any advice on

what to expect?