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05-24-2007, 01:57 AM

emailed this to Tammy a few days ago but it still hasn't been resolved.
I ordered a sample packet from

Love-Scent on May 20, and to this point have been triple charged to my PayPal account for the purchase, with no

refund in sight.

When originally making the purchase, I first selected "Debit card" under the payment methods

option, and used my PayPal mastercard. However, when I clicked submit/confirm order, it brought me back to step two

of the checkout process with an error message that read "Payment gateway IP does not match."

So, I figured that

the first attempt must have failed, and I would not be charged for it, so I went ahead and made checkout attempt

number two, this time selecting to pay directly through PayPal rather than through the debit card.

The purchase

went through this time, but then I looked on my recent activities page on PayPal and noticed that I had indeed been

charged twice for the $4.81 sample packet. I think (just hypothesizing) what happened was that the first time, the

charging process went through but not the order creation process.

So, I then went and emailed Tammy about it. A

short time later, she emailed me back saying that she'd get it taken care of. So after reading this, I looked on

my PayPal account to see if it had indeed been resolved, only to notice that I had been charged a THIRD time

for the $4.81 sample packet I purchased, strangely after I got a response saying it would be straightened out.


am hoping someone can actually refund me the $9.62 that I am owed, considering I meant to pay for one and only one

sample packet. I know $9.62 is small cash for some people, but I'm a college kid that needs every bit of money he

has. Please get this resolved for me in a timely manner. I can provide screenshots or any other info if you would

like. Just the sooner I get my money back, the better.


Chris K.

05-24-2007, 07:43 AM
Hello Chris,

We did in fact have

a problem with our credit card payment gateway on that very day that you placed your order, causing just the problem

you describe, but it only affected order placed with credit/debit cards used on our normal merchant account gateway,

not PayPal. I just ran a search on our PayPal records both on the day you mentiioned placing your order and also on

your name going back the last month and all I find is one order (for the samples only) and that was on May 20th.

Honest to God, on PayPal you have one and only one order. However, since you have gotten that faulty "Payment

gateway IP etc etc" message, my guess is that you placed a credit card order via our merchant account gateway

(which has nothing to do with PayPal), and judging from Tammy's response to your email, there is only one of those

as well.

I just went and checked to verify that, and sure enough, you have one and only one credit/debit card

order. Now, I am very sorry that you suffered under this Sunday technical problem we had, but we only got paid

twice for your one order. I can refund either of those you like (Paypal or credit card). Let me know or if you are

still convinced you got charged 3 times, send me an email (bruce(at)love-scent(dot)com).


05-28-2007, 04:17 PM
Chris, I justed wanted to say I

must have ordered on the same day as you as I too got the dreaded "Payment gateway IP does not match" glitch.

Basically they got my money but no order detail. Having bought online since the 90s, I knew better than to resubmit

my payment (actually had this happen before with a computer site). Instead I contacted Tammy at LS and got

everything resolved and 3 days later was covered in pheromones, and babes are dropping from the ceiling on me.