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04-18-2006, 11:22 AM

RM, Marini H, Won-Joo K, and Rogawski MA (2005) Anticonvulsant activity of androsterone and etiocholanolone.

Epilepsia 46:819–827.

"Androstanediol is a positive modulator of
GABAA receptors (Frye et al., 1996) with

potent anxiolytic
and anticonvulsant activity (Frye and Reed, 1998; Reddy,
2004a,b); recently, we confirmed that

androsterone has similar
systemic activities (Kaminski et al., 2005)."

An anxiolytic is any drug or therapy

used in the treatment of anxiety disorders. I am following up on this recent report to determine whether GABA

interaction might be the means by which androsterone (as used in SoE for men) might indicate reduced anxiety in the

wearer as well as reduce anxiety in people (especially women) who are exposed to it.

It's somewhat satisfying

to see the Forum members indicate this effect, but more satisfying to find scientific support for the effect.


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