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03-07-2006, 09:22 AM
I’m a newbie and I’ve been reading the forums for a week now. There’s so

much stuff in the forums that sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking


In this suggestion

forum, I’ve read a number posts suggesting that there be a forum for each product so others can get an idea of how

different products work. Great idea! But I’d rather see a more systematic way of collecting information so it can

be stored in a database and easily referenced.

I’ve read that pheromones work differently for different people based

on individual body chemistry. I would suspect that people of similar body chemistry would share similar traits and

habits (i.e., race, ethnicity, build, diet, health, athleticism, amount of perspiration, smoking, drug/medication

use, alcohol consumption, age, region of residence, and etc.) Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can help create a

comprehensive list (a survey) of things that could roughly determine and/or effect body chemistry. People would

complete the survey without divulging their identity (unless they wanted to), enter the product or mixture they

used, and report their results. All this data will be stored in a database. Others then could search for records

of people with a potentially similar body chemistry and then further see which products produced which


Building this

mechanism wouldn’t be too difficult, but it would take some time. I would be willing to help. I have some

experience programming in PERL and ASP. I am sure that there are other forum readers out there with programming

experience that would be willing to help build such a useful tool.

Think about it…

A mone user (subject) registers and is assigned a unique

unidentifiable user number. He responds to the survey questions thereby building his profile, which he will use

anytime he experiments with different products. He describes the product or mixture he’s experimenting with. Using

multiple choice responses, he describes how different people were affected. Later some newbie visits the site and

using multiple choice responses he builds his profile and describes the results he’s looking for.

Similar profiles with similar results popup on the screen, and within

minutes he has an idea of what might work for him. Bam! Love-Scent.com just made a new sale! Better than that,

Love-Scent.com just made a new client!

If you build it, they will…you know what.


03-07-2006, 11:36 AM
I like the idea, and there have

been several attempts at this. The problem is getting a stable and actually useful system set up.

03-07-2006, 11:58 AM

It seems to me that

it would be pretty simple. It would simply be a searchable database of subjects, experiments, and results. What

problems have their been with stability? What does it need to make it useful?

I would like to know more about

the previous attempts.


03-08-2006, 10:11 AM
I wanna do it!!!!! Or at least

start building it.

It will be easy to start building the HTML page containing the survey. I just need help with

questions to ask.

Questions about:
Traits, habits, etc. predisposing, affecting or affected by body

The product or mixture used.
The effect on the target.
The effect on others.

Dumping this

data into a database is simple. Later we could work on ideas on how to make it searchable.

Please post your

ideas. Once I get an HTML page started, I will supply the link so you guys can give me more feedback.


03-08-2006, 06:33 PM
What database? My preference

would be for a PHP/MYSQL partnership... is that out of the question with your previous experience?

03-08-2006, 09:13 PM
I'm more of an ASP

programmer primarily because that's what I used when I first started learning to write scripts. But I do think

PHP/MYSQL is probably the best way to go. It's just a matter of syntax. I’ll just have to look at some PHP scripts

so that I can become more familiar with the syntax.

Like I said before...Step one, creating

the survey, grabbing the data and saving it is the easy part. The slightly harder part will be writing scripts that

identify relatively similar profiles.

I take it you have some PHP experience. It looks like we have a

team of two. Any other programmers out there?

At this time I am thinking there should be 4 tables:

1. A

table of registered users containing user number, password, and etc. We will need a registration and login

2. A table of profiles referenced by the user numbers. This will allow users to have multiple profiles. The

reason for allowing this is because a user's profile could change over time.
3. A table of experiments referenced

by the profile numbers. This will allow a user to reuse his profile when conducting a new experiement. This table

will contain informaton about the product or mixture used, the lenght of time used, where applied, and any other

useful information.
4. A table of results referenced by experiment number. This will allow a user to provide

multiple results per experiment. The reason for allowing this is because different types of people will react

differently. Results for each type/group of people should have their own record in this table for easy querying.

This will also allow a way for new results to be added should there be any as time progresses. Aslo this table

should contain as much information about the people affected by the experiment (sort of like a profile). That is

because, the affected person might be a particular target in which a lot is known.

Do you have comments or


03-09-2006, 11:27 PM
I am a relatively new

member too and I was thinking the same sort of thing. Some sort of survey. It sounds great!! I made a list of things

I think will definitely be important that I will post here once I fix my laptop that I saved it on. I'm a newbie so

I probably don't have all the bases covered but I it has a lot. Also, I was wondering whether you thought this

database has to be anonymous. Although all the information would probably be interesting, I'd probably be more

interested to hear what the people who are more experienced and post a lot than someone who is just starting out.

Just a thought.
I don't know computers so I can't help in that department but if there is some busy work or

trying to encourage people to respond to this or something else that I can do, I am willing to help to see this

done. Please don't lose the desire and decide to skip doing it, :box:, it would really be useful and helpful. Take


03-10-2006, 09:03 AM
Here is a thread discussing a

stalled attempt I made a while ago.


thread.php?t=11778&highlight=usage (http://www.pherolibrary.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11778&highlight=usage)

03-23-2006, 04:44 AM
Hey guys. Any

updates/progress on this? I have made this survey that people can post their pheromone results and stats. I haven't

posted it yet but I think I will since it seems it might be a while before anything similar to this database comes

out and this survey could be very interesting. What do you guys think? Cptling, could you look through and give me

any major edits/additions I should include? There is some overlap to what Pete mentioned earlier and what is on

Cptling's post, but I left it there for the survey and maybe it is evidence of something that definitely should

make the final program/list since we all three mentioned it.
Any news on any progress on this?

Or is this database not going to happen :sad:? . I don't understand the lack of responses to this. Maybe it is because it

is in suggestions and not pheromone discussion. Is it just me or don't you guys think something like this database

can make this great site twice as good?

Here is the post I am going to post:


Let me start by saying…I love this site. A lot

of people like me post, read, and try to find out about which pheromone product works best. This post will be a

survey/profile page of the best pheromones/mix/cologne to use. Although I have seen this done in different

variations I’ve seen a couple problems with them and didn’t see as much participation as I thought there would be.

If a survey like this has really been done good and a lot participated, please post the link or keywords to search

as I could not find it. There is some talk of a database with a lot of this information included

(http://www.pherolibrary.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15654 (http://www.pherolibrary.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15654)), but until that is done, if it is done (which I hope), I think this survey will still be

good to do and we will be able to gain useful information from this data. If a lot of people participate I might

gather the statistical data in Excel and put some charts in so we can see trends and what certain demographic trends

there are. But of course remember, there are many factors involved (your persona, body chemistry, etc), even what

has worked for everyone like you, is not guaranteed to work for you. IMHO, I wouldpay more attention to those who post who have a lot of posts to their name or are moderators as they are

(most likely) more experienced and more knowledgeable about pheromones. Please copy and paste the survey form below

(copy and paste the survey only, I don’t like it when people copy and paste a big first post like this with their

response, people can read this first post, lol), fill it out, and post the filled out version. This is like a

profile page, one profile per person, update and edit as often as you like. PLEASE RESPOND, it is really so

confusing sometimes reading so many different posts and so many different ideas, this would organize it somewhat and

can give pheromone users useful information. A full response is better, but if you don’t want to fill something out

or don’t know, PLEASE feel free to leave it blank. I am aware that one of the biggest weaknesses of this survey are

stupid morons who have a vested interest in a product who rate their product high as well as people who have only

tried a couple of products. For the optimists, remember that it is possible that nothing is gained from this survey.

For the pessimists, remember that it is possible that a lot is gained from this survey. I'm still

relatively a newbie so please point out something you think I should put in the survey so I can edit the survey.

Please check back to read the results, update your profile, and fill out any new items on the survey. Feel free to

go into more detail on any question you wish to.

Here it


Your opinion on the best season for pheromone

Your opinion on the best time of day for pheromone

How often do you shower (indicate if you don't use

How often do you exercise, lift

What kind of deodorant do you use:
Personality (I know, hard question to answer, but important):
Weather you live in (add city/country if you like):

hairy are you:
Do you sweat a lot:
Success with people before using mones

and/or before ever using mones:
Success with people with

Success with men before using mones and/or before ever using

mones (to find out info on influencing men):
Success with men with

Success with girls before using mones and/or before ever using

Success with girls with mones:
Success with scoring with girls before using mones and/or before ever using mones (None, Little and

I’m fine with it, little and want more, Average, Very, have had many different partners and/or lot of success and

can get some within at the max a couple of days):
Success with scoring

with girls with mones (None, Little and I’m fine with it, little and want more, Average, Very, have had many

different partners and/or lot of success and can get some within at the max a couple of

How many pheromone products have you

How long have you been using

What is your favorite mix (Limit to 4 mixes or less,

include dosage and application points and number of times you’ve used this) for
What are your favorite stand-alone products

(Limit to 2 products or less, include dosage and application points and number of times you’ve used this)

What is your favorite cologne or cover scent (Limit to 2 colognes/cover scents or less, include dosage

and application points and number of times you’ve used this) for
What kind of woman do you usually attract

and/or relationships with without Pheromones:
Age range:
Sexual activity:
What kind of woman do you usually attract and/or relationships with with

Age range:
Sexual activity:
Best, overall (Limit to 1) Product and/or Mix

and/or Cologne:
Application points:
How good Pheromones have

On how it made you feel (Confident?, Happy?, Depressed?

On how it worked for you (flirting, good flirting,

unusual flirting, jumping your bones):
Describe what kind of hits you

go for and/or if and how you change your mix to the kind of hit you are going for (DIHL, touching,

What would you add to this survey:
This is a space where you can write about anything else you want to add:

I wouldn’t mind if a more knowledgeable person took over and did this if I missed

many questions. I envision this survey could be great and maybe even become a sticky. I’ve seen some good ones but

to me, information that follows all the guidelines above and has a lot of participants would be the best survey. It

should be a post or sticky that is either made a sticky or is in the first page of results in forum discussion and

search (for best pheromones). I’m still a relative newbie so feel free to let me know if it has been done but I am

not searching correctly. If this gets really popular, I would like to add now that I don’t think it would be very

smart to read this survey and not read many other forums and information on the love-scent site. I don’t think I am

breaking one of the rules for the forums but if I am, please let me know. I really encourage those who are

moderators, have a lot of posts, have been really successful with pheromones to fill out the survey. I know this

survey might take a little while but I hope you see the potential it could have. Take


03-23-2006, 09:17 AM
I like this a lot. It's not

perfect yet (I think it would be useful to expand on certain points like diet and personality to make sure we get

useful responces - there was some interesting discussion on diet in the past), but when it's ready I think a sticky

would be a great idea.

I will go through it in more detail and make some suggestions for changes shortly, but

today is going to be really busy so tomorrow is more likely.

Good job!

03-23-2006, 10:04 PM
Thank you. Sounds good.

03-24-2006, 07:53 AM
Hi everyone!

Alanrudy! I still

intend to build the survey and database. I've just been busy past couple of weeks. But I have been taking ideas

from people posting to this thread and elsewhere on this forum. I started adding survey questions to a page I'm

building with an HTML editor. Most questions have multiple choice answers using dropdown boxes or check boxes. This

is to standardize the responses for easier adding to and comparing in the database. I got more work to do with it,

but in a few days I'll put the survey on-line for you guys to check out. It won't store any data yet, it'll just

be on-line to look at. I need you guys to help me tweek it. After, we'll have to start writing code to manage the

database. It seems that CptKipling has some programming experience, so maybe we can each work on different parts of

the program.

Getting this project live could take some time. I know I only have a few hours a week to devote to

it. Then there will probobly be a lot of testing, debuging and tweeking. Finally when it's ready to go live we have

to decide where we are going to host this project. I kind of like the idea of having it hosted somewhere other than

this site where myself and others involved with the project will have access to it for further tweeking. However,

having it hosted on this site will give it more credibility (that is, assuming that the administrators of this site

are willing to host it here). Anyhow that's down the road.


P.S. I recently got my first order from

Love-Sent. I only tried the products once so far and saw nothing different at work or at the mall. But my girl...she

sensed something. I was trying to watch the LSU/Duke game and my girl was going nuts. She had her nose and lips at

my application points. She was sniffing and biting and licking and pouncing all over me.
First day - I know mones

work - and I know it was the mones.

03-24-2006, 06:18 PM
Finally when it's ready

to go live we have to decide where we are going to host this project. I kind of like the idea of having it hosted

somewhere other than this site where myself and others involved with the project will have access to it for further

tweeking. However, having it hosted on this site will give it more credibility (that is, assuming that the

administrators of this site are willing to host it here). Anyhow that's down the road.
I may have a

solution to that, no promises yet though.

03-25-2006, 12:20 AM
I still intend to build

the survey and database.

Great!! :box: Pete. :box: CptKipling.

Feel free to use anything from the

survey I posted here or the disclaimers. I understand about the lack of time, but do you have an idea of a timeframe

until this is online. Maybe it might be useful to still post the survey in the meantime. Take care guys.

04-04-2006, 11:30 AM
Hey guys,


buddy. Are you still going to get back to me on editing the survey or did you decide to just use stuff from there

to work on that database with Pete?
Either way is fine, just curious whether I should post this survey or just hold

off for the database:think:. I know it's hard to estimate, but do you guys have any estimate when the project will

probably be online? Thank you.

04-04-2006, 09:48 PM
Hey Alanrudy,

I haven't done

anything with this project in a couple of weeks. It's been on the back burner 'cause most all my free time has

been working on my taxes. My taxes are always a real pain in the a$$. I have both personal and business taxes to


I still love the idea and I do intend on doing it. As far as a time frame...the project itself won't

be too time consuming to at least get a beta version in the works. It's just my ability to commit time to it is

tough. It's hard for me to give you any idea of when because there's always something coming up. Definatly not

before April 14th.


04-04-2006, 10:38 PM
Hey Pete,
lol, I know how

taxes can be. This is the first year I'm giving it to an accountant and I'm still lagging on giving him all the

paperwork to do it. :frustrate . Last year I had easier taxes to do, and didn't start until April 15 at 3pm and

got them to the post office by 7pm! :whip: Woo hoo!
Cool to see the mones working for you. Sometimes I want

responses from every person I see and sometimes I get a good percentage, so cool. :cool: . You were saying you got

them with girl but not at mall or work, sure you know this from faq and other sources on the site, but just in case,

sometimes mones take longer to work on some people and work better when you are closer to the person. Could be why

you had that experience. Even knowing the approximate month would help, I'll wait to hear from CPTKiptling too, to

know whether he's gonna give edits to post that survey or just wait on the database. Take care guys.

04-18-2006, 10:08 AM
Like Pete I've been really

busy, hardly had time to even swing by the forum, but I'll tentatively say that I'll do the first sweep over of

editing on your survey by Friday as it SHOULD ( :rant: ) be a relatively quiet day.

04-18-2006, 08:59 PM
Sounds good. Taxes are done,


04-30-2006, 04:12 AM

Gonna wait

another week or so then post it. No worries, I know ur busy, I'm busy too, and gonna get more busy so I wanted to

post this while I still have the time. :) Or I might just post the description of myself cause I want advice. Talk

to you later.

05-02-2006, 02:24 PM
In order to build statistically

'accurate' forecasts of which products would work ideally for a person, the questions would need weighted answers.

Some products are "dark" and some are "light", and dark products tend to benefit those with light characteristics,

and light products tend to benefit those with dark characteristics. Therefore if you were to first poll each current

member and ask them to rate each product on a "darkness" scale (1-10), you could take the average of the ratings for

each product and use the data the assign a numerical weight to each product

Next build a set of questions that

indicate how dark or light one's characteristics are (1-10 scale again). This will help define a person's inherent

characteristics, and will be the basis of predicting which products to use.

Lastly, use a group of questions to

help determine what kind goals and reactions a person is hoping for (also based on a 1-10 scale)

I do have

my reservations about this though. I think that anything that deals with human attraction is way to unpredictable to

apply statistical concepts to. I mean, no matter how good the data we collect is, whether a product works or not is

more a matter of a person's ACTIONS. and thats something that we really can't account for statistically.

05-02-2006, 03:47 PM
Interesting thoughts Sigma. I

agree and understand except for the dark thing. I don't get what you were trying to say. So, you think darkness

is another factor to put on that sample survey I posted? If so, I agree with that.
I have my reservations too, as

you may have been able to tell from my post, but I am interested in the possible useful information that could be

extracted from this. Take care.