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12-28-2004, 06:19 PM
well i just read a

post in auction tread : it mentioned an old "Used product" page where ppl could buy individualy & you where

wondering how to make that append
i supose you have a webmaster to make your pages ? Add a "if (thisfield== true)

then display xyz" in the proper place or if (loginname !="") then display xyz" or something . Oh almost forgot to

mention: you can add a field in your users database to markup ppl you whant to access this page there is also a ton

of way to do this like looking up to the login status & stuff,farely easy to do for a webmaster since all your pages

are Dynamic (means it gets regenerated :hammer: whenever somone comes in for that particuliar person:like showing

the login name for example):wave:

Well just tought i should mention... keep on the good job!