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It is dated 2001-2002, sorry if already posted but I had not seen it yet.

Of particular


Androstadienone had unique effects on the participants’
mood in comparison with androstenol

muscone, even though they could not distinguish any
of the compounds as an odor. It prevented both the

in positive mood and the rise in the negative
mood that has previously occurred with our experimental

(Jacob and McClintock, 2000). These
results on mood correspond in both type and effect
size with our previous

findings that compared androstadienone
in its strong clove-scented carrier to its
carrier alone. Androstadienone

also had unique effects
on mental acuity in this study. It should be noted,
however, that our previous studies

have not consistently
identified similar factors measuring mental
acuity, arousal, or alertness, nor has

had consistently significant effects on this aspect of
psychological function (Jacob and

McClintock, 2000;
Jacob et al., 2001a).
During sustained exposure, androstadienone has localized
but widely

distributed cerebral effects in areas
associated with emotion and attention (Jacob et al.,
2001b). The degree to

which these effects were distributed
throughout the brain suggests that the neural
effects of androstadienone

cannot be conceptualized
strictly in terms of olfactory perception and categorization.
The current findings

provide additional evidence
that androstadienone is a chemosensory stimulus
categorically distinct from simple

odorants, with
psychologically unique effects on humans different
from those of two other musky compounds, similar

odor at high concentrations and use in common perfumes
and fragrances. It is noteworthy that the effects

androstadienone did not generalize to another 16-
androstene, which is similar in structure and also
found in a

variety of human secretions.Appears to verify user's experiences mood-wise with A1, it kind of "locks in"

whatever mood you happen to be in.

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