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08-06-2004, 03:00 PM

This was discussed a short while ago. I am following up to see if this idea was rejected or not.


was thinking of an interesting format to a forum of this type. I know you just started the research forum, and I

remember talking about the "Hit Forum", but that one never became a reality. I remember you had an old, outdated

"Testimonials" section, and now you seem to just link to the forum for information on the products. Maybe you

should put these two concepts together.

A forum called "Testimonials", "Success Stories", "Hit Reports",

"Product Opinions", etc.

You could either have one thread for each product or combination and reserve it only

for stories regarding the success of the products. You could then have a "Testimonials" link that, unlike all other

sites where they just have a link to a page that says, "This product was great. I am now married, rich, have 3

women on the side, and got promoted to upper management all within a few months of using the product. Thanks,


-Great way for customers to easily see success of each product for what type of person,

situation, etc.
-Separates success and hit stories from basic -mone questions (e.g. newbie "What's the best for

-Stories would see a lot of activity and maybe encourage a simple, structured format for reporting hits to

collaborate ideas efficiently
-Interactive "Testimonials" page unlike any other site and has both success and maybe

OD/failure stories to inform people what might not work for them also

-May require extra moderator

activity to place threads in correct area (sorry mods)
-More forums (sorry mods)
-Extra work (sorry

-Is it needed?
-Sure, it sounds nice and organized, but what would happen if you let the thing loose?

Overall, it sounds nice because the forums would be divided into:


-Research Literature

I just thought I'd throw that idea in there. I'd like that because it might

even be helpful for the lesser-used products that you never hear about to be more easily-accessed. With "forum

turnover", you notice product discussion trends (SOE, Chikara, and perception seem to be the big ones now, but

before it was AE, WAGG, and TE/NPA. What about PI, PCC, Cops, Perfect 10, etc?) and some products you have to go

way back to find information on, and it'd be buried. Maybe this way, you could keep the threads in this

forum lower and therefore easier to find success stories and other information. However, who knows what could

happen with it? It doesn't even have to be formatted the way I am thinking, but I thought it'd be a good idea.

Any thoughts or updates on what happened with that idea?


08-06-2004, 03:06 PM
By the way, I have an idea for

the description (Mobley's slightly altered):

Inspired by Pancho, this is the place for threads that invite

us to share our success (or failure) stories.


08-06-2004, 07:21 PM
Having a forum section like this

would really help out newer users, such as myself, when it comes to deciding which new mones I should look into

purchasing. Sometimes digging through past posts doesn't always come up with the answers newer users are looking


I think this is a great idea Pancho. I only own 2 LS produts: Chikara and SOE Unscented. It took me so much

research just to decide to get those two...

08-12-2004, 10:29 AM
I see this idea as a solution

to the following problem:

I've been reading the forums and am not really sure which product I

should be going for. There are so many out there that it just makes it difficult to choose. I want both social and

sexual hits. I'm into all type of girls but prefer asians. So I'm guessing I should buy a mix, but I also want to

maximize my money.

08-12-2004, 10:31 AM
And again...


have spent that past couple of days reading about and researching all of these 'mone products and each one confuses

me more and more. I have found these to have the most positive feedback on various

I am not sure which one(s) I should buy so I will start off by telling you a

little bit about myself and my goals so maybe someone could recommend a product that best fits my needs.

08-12-2004, 10:40 AM
It is very overwhelming for newbies

coming in. Bruce needs to write more literature in the pheromone reference material. It is incomplete and outdated.

He should also jack up the newbie's click here thread with more info.

I'm against adding another forum

though, just because I think it will divide things up too much (sorry pancho :( ).

08-12-2004, 10:59 AM
Well, I still think there

should be something somewhere with a list of all of the products and what it's good at. I figured making a forum

with each product having a thread would allow people to give feedback and make finding information on a single

product easy. Obviously, you could say there are mixes, too...and you could go from there, I guess. I'm just

trying to make it easier for people to pick a product. When I look at the site, I think one thing: "If I were new,

how would I know which was right for me?" I think there should be a quick and easy way to start looking for that

answer...the testimonials section is where I went, and a place for people to post updated testimonials/hit reports

would be unheard of in the pheromone business.

But that's just my opinion.

08-12-2004, 01:34 PM
I like the idea :)

Currently, "hit reports" are sprinkled about in the Pheromone Discussion forum, but concentrating them in one area

might actually be a pretty good idea ... it would probably be the most popular forum as well :p

Most of us

are results-oriented and I'm sure newbies would flock to such a forum. Speaking of Mobley, he is the one who put

together a whole slew of hit reports into a single thread called "12 long pages of hits ... or lies?"


There may be some problems with this kind of forum, but I think I'd vote yes :)