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07-19-2004, 06:10 AM
A Suggestion

Originally Posted by Chemo (BDC Concepts)
I know it's pretty basic but like you said...not

everyone that makes their way to the pheromone mecca that is Love-scent comes with a vast knowledge base. On the

contrary, most will arrive with questions and shadowy doubts. Hopefully a few posts like that from peer reviewed

sources will help guide their decision.


Bobby, Doc, Bel, Bruce, et al.,

I've got an idea how we

can keep interesting research papers like this readily available to newbies and veterans alike without the

redundancies that occur over time from such studies being posted repeatedly.

All that would be needed would be

the creation of a new forum entitled "Research" which could be located with, and be similar to the current archives.

Upon seeing an article such as this, or after being otherwise apprised of it, an admin or moderator could COPY

(NOT move, just copy) the article to the Research Forum, leaving the original article and the subsequent discussion

intact within the forum in which it was posted.

The discussion segment of the copy of the thread that's landed

in the Research Forum could then be cut away, but a link would be provided directing readers to where they could

find the article on the active discussion board where they could, if desired, view the public discussion and post

their contributions.

This way there could be one board with thread after thread of concisely titled Research

studies, papers, and articles where any user could find the accumulated knowledge of years of Pheromone Research,

reading only the studies if that's their goal, and being able to choose which topics he or she might decide to view

or contribute to in the discussion area.

Of the nine "user write-able" forums on this board only two are

currently devoted solely to the study of Pheromone Science. I think adding one with a specifically "Scientific"

theme would be good for our overall credibility.

In a way quite similar to how I think we can make the Research

Forum work, I've moved this post from within a thread on the Pheromone Discussion board. You can see where it was

originally posted by clicking here. (http://pherolibrary.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10924)

Oscar :)

07-19-2004, 12:10 PM

Great minds think

alike I guess. Webby is in the process of setting up something that I think will do something very similar in a

very exciting way, but in the mean time, I will set up a Research forum immediately.

Great idea!