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07-18-2004, 05:10 AM
What idiots!

Men Throwing Fireworks Leave Window Up

Thu Jul 15,11:01 PM ET Add


Two men planning to throw lighted fireworks from a car were burned when they forgot to roll down the window.

"They lit a large

mortar rocket firework" and were going to throw it out the window, Salt Lake County sheriff's Sgt. John Barker

said. "The passenger threw it out the window, but he forgot to roll the window down. It bounced back in his lap."

Adam Weber, 24, was

in fair condition Thursday at the Intermountain Burn Unit at University Hospital with second and third degree burns

on his arms, legs and torso.

"He's going to be in a lot of pain. I don't think it's life-threatening, but he's going to have a hard

time. It's going to be a long process to get him healed up," Barker said.

The driver, Jared Williams, only had minor burns to

his back.


accident happened about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The investigation has been turned over to the Unified Fire

Authority. An officer told KSL-TV any charges filed likely would be just misdemeanors.

07-18-2004, 05:41 AM
:LOL: Haha, :LOL: I've done

that with firecrackers. We were driving around throwing fireworks out the windows, shooting off roman candles. When

one person had a roman candle out the window, everyone else would roll theres up just to make sure nothing came

flying back inside. I was even making fun of stupid people who get on the news by forgetting thier window was rolled

up and blowing themselves up. and then after someone elses roman candle........
My firecracker bounced off the

closed window, landed at my feet right next to the bag full of fireworks. :blink: I panicked! :eek: tried to stomp

it out before it went off. Driver stopped her car and got out. :run: Guy in the back seat was screaming at me, I'm

still stamping my foot, watching the fuse burn, knowing it only has moments left......
Then *poof*, it goes off

under my foot. No big explosion, no chain reaction of the other fireworks. No severe burns. Just a little poof under

my foot. A tiny burn on the sole of my shoe. Those firecrackers aren't as big and powerful as advertised. We all

breath deeply, laugh, make fun of me, roll down the windows go back to throwing fireworks out the window.

One of

the scariest moments of my life, but now I laugh at it. And everyone else laughs at me. :lol:

07-18-2004, 09:35 AM
If an explosion has a direction

to disperse, the effects are minimized. In the case of your shoe most of the energy went sideways.

When I was in

the military, it wasn't unusual to get hold of small quanities of C-4 (Plastic Explosives) You can light a marble

size chunk and use it to heat your C-Rations. Burns real hot. However, don't step on it to put it out, the combined

heat and concussion will result in an explosion. Not all that dangerous in small quantities but it will get your

attention. You can also light chunks and throw them at rocks or trees. If you throw hard enough it goes BANG!