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10-11-2001, 08:00 AM
I recieved my order a few days ago and yesterday I tried NPA for the first time.

I have an atomizer which holds about 5ml or so. I wanted to get only 2-3 drops of NPA in but got more - the stuff just came out.

Then I added some perfume, I put some on, smelled pretty nice. I can detect the phero smell but with my perfume it smelled pretty yummy.

I got a real Deery-type look from one of the (old) women at the local shop. She was one of those I reported about when I was wearing PF. But this time - I don´t know- the kind of reaction I got was a lot more obvious.

I can´t wait to try it out more. I´m wondering if it would help me in getting a bank loan at all. Has anyone tried that yet?


10-11-2001, 03:43 PM

What kind of perfume you used that smell yummy Please tell me I like to try..!!

I got only \"Chanel Platinum\" images/icons/crazy.gif

Good luck images/icons/wink.gif

10-12-2001, 01:39 PM
Hi there,
It´s a perfume for women (only) so I don´t think it would suit you. Besides it is not being manufactured anymore, I first bought it in the 80´s it was rather popular then but they stopped making it. And as far as I know there was never a mens version.

Something else, important I think. I used the mix again today but it smelled very strongly of the pheros. I couldn´t explain why this should happen. It seems, that the phero smell gets stronger and stronger! Has anyone else noticed this?

The perfume I used for this mix usually stas on for ages and it is not of the lighter, subtle ones and when I first tried it, it was great but today it just stank! Eventually I washed it of again, which didn´t work well so I used an alc. wipe (the ones used for desinfection before injections), that did it.

I didn´t fill up the whole atomizer, so I can add some more perfume. Still find it weird though.

CJ images/icons/crazy.gif

10-12-2001, 01:54 PM
maybe the NPA and the perfume are separating slightly in the atomizer, and you\'re not getting a consistent mix each time.. I kinda think that\'s been happening with the NPA I mixed into my favorite cologne.. I make sure to shake it up very thoroughly before using.. seems to help a little

10-13-2001, 01:13 PM
Yeah or maybe I should add more fragrance lots of experimenting to do! images/icons/smile.gif

I used my parents as ´testers´ regarding the scent the first time round when I went to see them and my mother said it smelled very manly and asked if I´d tried out one of the samples she has in the living room for my dad to choose from. He on the other hand said it smelled like something out of a brothel ( something like that). But he´s old and VERY conservative. i don´t mind the brothel actually , still better than smelling manly.


10-13-2001, 05:47 PM
One thing I have learned using NPA is that I always shake whatever mix I\'m using that day, otherwise it does seem to separate, a little.