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10-10-2001, 06:19 PM
I am 18 and a Senior in high school and would hope to attract younger girls (15-17). Even though I am tall (6 foot) I am told I have a \'youngish face\' so I am wondering If the APC I have will or will not scare away chicks. I don\'t play sports,and shower-apply antipersperent every morning so I don\'t think I have have much natural A-none so I\'m hoping the APC will make me more masculine and let chiks see that I am a real loving sweet guy. Although APC is said to scare young chicks my observation is that alot of football players who look like gorrillas and must reek of A-none get chicks. Just a hypothesis. My other question is with LURE (i ordered this for the A-nol) how much dosage have any of u found effective and please give some LURE stories. THanks in Advance fellas.

10-10-2001, 07:41 PM

i don\'t mean to discourage you but my experience with Lure is not really encouraging. and i don\'t like the smell either. if you\'re aware of the pierre cardin cologne, that\'s exactly how it smells. but who knows, maybe im the only one who doesn\'t like it. it sure contains a-nol but since the musky smell is too strong, you would not want to put a lot of it on you. i purchased attraction instead and it\'s gonna be under testing again once i get it.

but you sure will like your APC. but if you still don\'t know, try to explore this forum and you\'ll see that the mixture of APC and NPA is a sure kickass! although you might think that a-none might scare chicks away, it wasn\'t the case for me because this combo works like magic especially 15 mins after application. it\'s gonna make a lot of heads turn to you!

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10-15-2001, 02:31 AM
APC/Lure was one of the first combos I ever tried, and I\'m still using it today for everyday wear. APC is a -none only, and Lure is a -nol only. There\'s not a great deal of any component in these formulas by today\'s standards. However, the luxery is you can put on gobs of it and not OD. 2/3 Lure to 1/3 APC mixed into a roll-on applicator and tucked away in the pocket or napsack is one way I do it. I stick under my pits, all over by wrists and forearms , behind the ears and in the hair, and some on the neck. Not a lot of strong hits, but people are definately in a better mood around me.

APC alone never really did anything for me. It kind of smells sweet like expensive bathroom deodorant - kind of like the thing that goes inside the toilet tubes and dispenses everytime you pull some sheets off. Lure alone did get me some hits way back when. We didn\'t have terminology like DIHL so I couldn\'t really quantify it. I got a lot of people asking me what cologne I was wearing. It smells a little off when it\'s first applied, but after 10 minutes, the scent is kind of nice - subtle and powdery and just a bit asian(like me) in scent.

If you wanna play more, you can top off the mixture with about 1/5 of your favorite cologne and go with that.

It\'s not a bad combo - but it\'s also not very concentrated. Start out small and increase your dosage until you find what works for you.

10-15-2001, 12:17 PM
Hey marc you should try attraction, it is a great product, for a little bit more ,you will be more than certain of getting at least noticeable hits, it is one of the more concentrated blends, also it lasts a long time, i have been trying the other stuff but i have always gotten hits from it.

If you want an oil product on the other hand go for alter ego.

Back to attraction, it has 3.3mg of none and 5.5 mg of nol. Scientists and chemists can give you the run down on the details.