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  1. Putative pheromone activates cortical fields in the human brain...
  2. Sex-steroid derived compounds induce sex-specific effects on autonomic nervous system
  3. Pheromones that Affect Pulsatile Secretion of Luteinizing Hormone and Mood in Women
  4. Pheromones on female ratings of attractiveness: oral contraceptives and the menstrual
  5. Pheromonal influences on sociosexual behavior in young women
  6. -None detection/olfactory plasticity
  7. Pheromone Research Forum (Read this first)
  8. -none and the VNO
  9. Phero References
  10. Phero effects on certain behavioral contexts
  11. pregna-4,20-diene-3,6-dione and testosterone modulation
  12. Psychological effects of musky compounds: comparison of androstadienone with
  13. Pheromones, in context
  14. Fragrance compositions and other compositions which contain human pheromones-Patent
  15. Fragrance compositions containing human pheromones-Patent
  16. NEUROBIOLOGY: Mapping Smells in the Brain
  17. Resource materials
  18. The Endocrine Society
  19. Do women have a hidden heat period?
  20. More on increasing -none sensitivity over time
  21. Bacterial action causing odour
  22. Interesting article about -none anosmia
  23. Just a little off the top
  24. Several articles
  25. Sandalwood and Pheromones
  26. Ultrasensitive pheromone detection by mammalian vomeronasal neurons
  27. Researchers find chemosignal that encourages women's sexual desire
  28. Asexuality?
  29. Human senses not distinct, but interact in many ways
  30. Pheromones and physical attractivness
  31. Pheromones, Attraction, and Body Language
  32. Science of Attaction: waist-hip ratio v symmetry
  33. Body Odor
  34. Univ of Chicago Study (nol and A1!)
  35. Recent publication
  36. tongkat ali - seems to increase pheromone production
  37. Pheromones and communication
  38. New journal article (not indexed by Medline)
  39. Interesting article on pheromone pathways
  40. Survivor in the human genome
  41. Good article on androstadienone
  42. Olfactory-like Detection of lung cancer
  43. Dominant males smell best
  44. Beauty is in the nose of the beholder
  45. more on androstadienone from Martha et al
  46. International Behavioral Development Symposium
  47. Turin's theory of smell
  48. Whole thesis about human pheromones
  49. Sniffing out genetic differences in twins
  50. Presentation text from James V. Kohl
  51. Human pheromones and sexual attraction from medical journal 2004
  52. Latest on Androstadienone
  53. Just say no: VNO
  54. Synthesis of pheromone precursors in human testes
  55. major histocompatibility complex
  56. oxytocin spray and fear
  57. Androstenol
  58. Woman's scent can lure or repel
  59. Psychoneuroimmunlogical correlates
  60. Behaviour: Smells, brains, and hormones
  61. Science project (high school)
  62. Scent of fear impacts cognitive performance
  63. Androstenone evaluation in a Japanese study
  64. Androsterone and reduced anxiety
  65. Androstadienone = testosterone derivative?
  66. Sexual differentiation largely involves GnRH and olfaction
  67. The influences of Androstenol
  68. The influences of Androstenone
  69. Just say no... human VNO
  70. Humans respond to the scent of fear
  71. Lounge Lizards: Take your vitamins
  72. Non-VNO "Pheromone" receptors
  73. MHC odor intensity link/confound
  74. The smell of meat
  75. A pheromone for jet lag