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  1. The effect of the human pheromone androstenol on product evaluation
  2. Time to leave home: Parents suppress reproduction of their offspring
  3. Strangleweed "sniffs" out victims
  4. Non-pheromonal signals by ovulatory phase women
  5. Short-term exposure/long-term affects
  6. Forthcoming presentation/review article/book chapter
  7. Mammalian social odours: attraction and individual recognition
  8. Oxytocin Improves "Mind-Reading" in Humans
  9. How learning influences the sense of smell
  10. A(nother) human VNO problem
  11. Evidence for the human VNO is highly questionable
  12. Human VNO does not play a major role
  13. Parasite 'turns women into sex kittens'
  14. Selling pheromone perfumes
  15. MHC difference exactly predicts female faithfulness
  16. Unconscious affect of 5a-Androst-16-en-3-one
  17. Candidate Receptor Turns on Human Pheremone Debate
  18. Brain Scan Reveal Human Pheremones
  19. Androstadienone exposure induced changes
  20. The Mind's Eyes: Human Pheromones, Neuroscience, and Male Sexual Preferences
  21. Rogue Odour Theory Could Be Right
  22. Men's sweat; women's hormones; no human VNO
  23. Androstenone sensitivity/associations/perceptions
  24. Androstadienone Ineffective If VNO Is Blocked
  25. Androstadienone and pain intensity
  26. Sex and the secret nerve
  27. MOS not VNO+AOS processing of pheromones
  28. New Article
  29. Olfactory/pheromonal characteristics relevant for mating behavior
  30. Sex and the nose: human pheromonal responses
  31. Who woulda thunk it?
  32. A lasting impression
  33. Gender specific and species specific behavior
  34. Essence of Alpha Male
  35. Androstenone receptor?
  36. Detecting individual differences in olfactory/pheromonal components
  37. Neuronal processing of body odors and similar odors
  38. Best social science article...
  39. Putative human pheromones and preferenced of some MTF transsexuals
  40. Scents and Sensibility
  41. Smells and intelligent animals
  42. Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals
  43. Gene discovered that allows androstenone to be smelled
  44. Does appearance matter?
  45. American Psychology Association article 'Pheromones, in context ' March 2002
  46. Oxytocin. The new viagra?
  47. Kenzo fragance cover